5 things every entrepreneur needs to know before starting a company by business expert Mark Lachance

Mark Lachance

Starting a new business can be both exciting and terrifying. You want to succeed, but you’re also risking everything.  The following five pieces of advice from thought leader and business expert Mark Lachance will help any aspiring entrepreneur understand what they need to expect before jumping in headfirst.

  • Entrepreneurs need to delegate tasks, not try to do it all themselves

 For entrepreneurs, it’s easy to try and do everything yourself. But how many successful entrepreneurs have you seen who are also burnt out?  The answer is none. And that’s because if an entrepreneur tries to do everything by themselves they will most likely burnout before their company has a chance to succeed. Instead of trying to be your own HR director or marketing manager, hire others who can help take some load off so you can focus on what you’re good at – leading your business!

  • Drop your ego and jealousy of people that are smarter than you

Most entrepreneurs see others as a threat to their accomplishments. The best way for an entrepreneur to succeed is not by being smarter than everyone else. As an entrepreneur, you should try and harness the power of people who are smarter than you rather than being jealous of them. Being too proud limits your ability to learn from others. Overall, there is always something new to learn and someone out there with more knowledge on the subject can teach you if they’re willing.

  • Don’t chase the money! Do things that you love to do and things will serendipitously fall into place

You have to find something you’re passionate about. It has to be something you want to wake up for. Those who chase money are destined for failure because the pursuit of wealth is not as fulfilling as doing things that fulfill your soul. Mark advises entrepreneurs to pursue their passion no matter how difficult it may seem at first.

  • Entrepreneurship should be taught in school

It’s time we teach it in schools and give students the opportunity to learn and be guided so they can grow into successful entrepreneurs. This will help alleviate issues like taxes that often come up when starting a company. Students need to know what is expected of them and how they can take the next steps after graduating, including figuring out if entrepreneurship is for them and how to go about doing it successfully.

  • Mistakes are actually a good thing

No one likes to make mistakes, but when it comes down to it, they’re actually a really good thing. Making mistakes is not the best feeling in the world–especially when you can’t figure out how to fix them. But they are worth celebrating instead of getting frustrated over. It helps us grow and learn; we don’t get better without taking risks or putting ourselves out there. And we don’t need to always get the answer right every time; people only learn by making mistakes and trying new things. The more that we make, the smarter and more experienced we become–and who doesn’t want that?

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