How to Avoid a Dirt Bike Crash and Life Saving Tips

How to Avoid a Dirt Bike Crash and Life Saving Tips 1

Did you know that off-road motorcycle sales increased over 46 percent in 2020? Dirt bikes and trail bikes were heavy contributors to that impressive sales total. But with more riders comes more opportunities for accidents.

Do you how to avoid a dirt bike crash? Do you know how to apply common safety tips to prepare for a motorbike accident?

The following guide has you covered whether you’re in a dirt bike race crash, scooter accident, or electric bike accident. Read on to learn how you can prevent crashes and what to do if you’re in an accident.

How To Prevent a Dirt Bike Crash

Always avoid riding your dirt bike on paved roads if at all possible. Suspension systems on dirt bikes are not built the same as road bikes. Dirt bikes aren’t designed to travel on hard surfaces for long distances.

Gravel or blacktop roads tend to wear out dirt bike tires faster. Worn-out tires have less traction and increase the risk of accidents for riders. Riding dirt bikes on paved roads also raises the risk of being hit by a car that doesn’t see you.

Choosing the right dirt bike or any other motorbike is important to a rider’s safety. Make sure the bike’s size is right for you to ensure proper control and handling while riding.

If a dirt bike is too large for a rider it limits their control and steering. Less control increases the chances of a crash and serious injury. Remember, if you can’t reach all of the bike’s controls you should go down a size. 

Riding Skills To Work On

Make sure you understand the bike’s throttle. This includes knowing how far to roll the throttle and when to let up. The same principles apply to the bike’s clutch. Practice using them together and work on your timing.

Balance and positioning are key to avoiding accidents when starting out. Get a feel for the bike’s weight and handling around corners before reaching higher speeds. Consider sitting before standing if you’re a new rider.

Remember to always look ahead when riding your dirt bike. This may seem obvious but novice riders tend to look down at obstacles in their path which leads to crashes.

Safety Gear and Other Preparation

Safety gear prevents dirt bike injuries and saves lives. Dirt bike gear is affordable and a must-have for riders of any skill level.

First, get a helmet that fits correctly to avoid head injuries. Buy a pair of boots to protect your legs, ankles, and feet. Invest in pants and jerseys with good ventilation. Lastly, find goggles to protect your eyes from debris.

Inspect your bike for low tire pressure and any wear before riding. Also, test the brakes and other controls before hitting the trail. It’s a even good idea to have a bicycle accident attorney selected in case of an accident.

Ready To Ride?

Now you know the most common ways to avoid a dirt bike crash. Remember, avoid paved roads, invest in the proper gear, and practice honing your riding skills.

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