Cryptocurrencies, How and Why to Invest Today: Our Interview with Jason Hsu


Even if Bitcoin has more than ten years of life behind it, and the cryptocurrency sector can already boast 150 million investors and users, the development path of the entire sector is far from exhausted: it is enough to remember how every week 3 million people enter the ecosystem of digital currencies making their first transaction in crypto, and how high is the incidence among unbanked people, precisely because of the characteristics of a medium of exchange that allows to settle payments without having to resort to credit intermediaries.

However, in order to adequately appreciate the cryptocurrency landscape, one cannot but refer also and above all to one of the most interesting and recent evolutions of the Internet: the applications of blockchain and decentralized finance. Even though the contours are still being defined, it is clear how deep the potential of the main pivotal projects is, such as Ethereum, which is already aiming at 2022 as the fundamental year for the maturation and scalability of its program, with the launch of the new version of its blockchain and the definitive transition to a Proof of Stake mechanism.

Beyond the individual cryptocurrency projects (in a narrow sense, such as Bitcoin) or in a broader sense (such as Ethereum), one thing seems to be certain: it is certainly not too late to invest in cryptocurrencies and, indeed, it is fair to say that the sector is experiencing its first youth in these years.

We asked for help from one of the top experts in the Crypto field : Jason Hsu

Jason Hsu is an American entrepreneur, an expert in the Crypto field since way back in 2014. Jason does product marketing at BitMart, a crypto exchange based in the US. He co-founded KryptoGO USA, a SaaS provider for lightweight KYC/AML solutions. Built Bincentive, an advanced auto-trading platform that offers trading bots, lowered barrier to entry to the crypto hedge funds, fixed income products, CeFI/DeFI services and more.

The advantages of investing and using cryptocurrencies :

As you have repeatedly pointed out here, there are many advantages of owning digital currencies and investing in cryptocurrencies.

Firstly, it is increasingly possible that cryptocurrencies may actually be the currencies of the future. In some cases, as is happening in El Salvador, Bitcoin has already been given the value of legal tender, thus clearing its use for any monetary settlement operation. A similar openness on the part of other countries will eventually increase their demand, resulting in an appreciation of the most well-known assets.

Still, cryptocurrency can be a profitable tool with which to diversify one’s portfolio and protect purchasing power. It is no coincidence that in recent years references to cryptocurrencies as new safe havens, or as the equivalents of digital gold, have been wasted: in a context of rising inflation in a non-temporary way, their use could therefore protect the purchasing power of one’s savings.

Finally, we cannot fail to emphasize how it is the blockchain, or rather the technology behind cryptocurrencies, that constitutes one of the main reasons why many people have decided to invest in digital currencies: taking part in the evolution of this sector could allow to monetize important advantages, sustainable over time.

It is also understood that many investors like to trade cryptocurrencies for pure speculative purposes, often adopting very short term positions, in trend or against trend. In fact, it is the intraday speculation, often with short selling, that has brought many people to the world of cryptocurrencies.

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