4 Fun Dice Games You Have to Play!

4 Fun Dice Games You Have to Play! 1

When you’re trying to think of new indoor activities to do, the prices can get high pretty quickly. But, if you’ve got a few pairs of dice on hand, or if you want to go purchase some, you’ll have dozens of games you can play in an instant.

So, do you want to roll the dice? Check out these awesome dice games your whole family will love.

1. Bunco

If you’re into games of luck, you’ll definitely want to try out Bunco. Bunco dates all the way back to the United Kingdom in the 18th century.

To play, you’ll need at least four players and three pairs of dice. Usually, you’ll want to play in multiples of four. Each group of four will split into two teams. Basically, the goal is to roll the dice and score more points than the other team each round.

You score points in this game by rolling the same number as the number round you’re in. A “bunco” is when you hit this number three times. Every round, you’ll switch partners, which adds more of an element of luck and more opportunities to socialize.

2. Dungeons and Dragons

Those who are searching for a game that’s a little longer-lasting and immersive can’t miss out on Dungeons and Dragons.  This roleplaying game allows the players to create their own characters that they’ll then use to go on an adventure. 

One player, the dungeon master, will take you through the quest, and roll the dice to determine the success of your actions. This game offers lots of room for creativity and exploration.

Of course, you’ll want to choose the nicest dice you can when you’re playing Dungeons and Dragon or other dice games. Check out these dice with beautiful gemstones.

3. Yahtzee

When you’re searching for games for family, you definitely need to try out Yahtzee. You can buy a Yahtzee game, or make your own. You need five dice to play the game.

Each player takes a turn rolling the dice three times, as they try and come up with one of thirteen possible combinations. Depending on how the combination is classified, you could get more points.

There are also opportunities to get bonuses. A “yahtzee” is what it’s called when you roll the same value on all five of the die. At the end of the game, the person who has racked up the most points wins.

4. Chicago

This is a great game when you’re looking for something that works for a smaller group of people. You’ll need two dice. In this game, you’re trying to get all eleven combinations you can get from these two dies. Each round, your goal will be to get one more combination than the round before, until you make it up to 11. 

Try Out These Dice Games

There is no shortage of entertaining dice games you can try out with your loved ones. These ones should get you started having plenty of fun on the next rainy day!

Are you searching for more ideas to entertain yourself? Read a few of our other posts for the fun activities you need.

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