3 tips to Growth your Instagram Account – with Liran Mizrahi


Liran Mizrahi is one of Israel’s top social media marketing masters, helping brands find success in the social media sphere. Liran is an Instagram mogul with over 12 years of experience with active involvement in account management and Instagram marketing.

ality “fanbase” is crucial.

Like most of us, Liran Mizrahi opened her Instagram account as a simple photo sharing account. However, it wasn’t long before she started getting more interested and began connecting with people and collaborating with them on the site. One thing led to another, and Mizrahi’s interest peaked when he began helping new people succeed on the social platform and helping those who might have been left behind.

So we asked Mr. Mizrahi to suggest us the best 3 tips to growth your Instagram account.

Post content regularly

This is definitely a key aspect: you need to post frequently to increase the visibility of your account. On Instagram, the average time of maximum interaction (about 90% of interactions) is about 3 hours, so to get a steady stream of likes and comments on posts (as well as new followers) the ideal would be to publish a new post every 3 hours, precisely.

To avoid managing everything manually, you can use online tools to schedule the publication of your posts on Instagram: if you’re interested, I suggest you take a look at Later.

In addition, if your page is aimed at a predominantly Italian audience, know that statistically the best times to publish on Instagram are during the afternoon (to be precise, at 15). As for the days of the week, Monday and the two days of the weekend are the ones that stand on the podium of winners.

However, it’s best to test since what may be most effective in terms of posting timing for one account may not be for one belonging to another industry. How to test the best days and times when your followers are most receptive? Simple, Iconosquare helps you analyze this type of information and shows you graphically the best performing time slots for your profile.

If, on the other hand, you have an international user base, any time slot can potentially be good: you will always find a percentage of followers awake and ready to interact with your post.

Use hashtags appropriately

As you probably already know, hashtags are keywords preceded by the # symbol that are used to categorize a piece of media content posted on Instagram. They are undoubtedly a key tool for gaining lots of followers and getting people to follow you whose interests align with your business.

People interested in a certain topic will search through hashtags for photos they like and – if intrigued – visit the account that hosts those photos. Finally, if they find the account really interesting, they won’t hesitate to follow it.

Since you can use a maximum of 30 hashtags per image or video, my advice is to use all of them. Never put the hashtags in the captions, instead put the list of 30 keywords in the first comment of the post.

Use as the first hashtag the name of your brand or the keyword that most identifies your Instagram page. Then remember to create as many lists of hashtags as there are types of content to be published.

If, for example, you post videos of gym workouts and photos of healthy food, consider creating two separate lists: one containing fitness-related hashtags and the other related to healthy eating. If you can’t think of many hashtags, search for larger pages similar to yours and take a look at what hashtags are used in their posts.

Tag relevant accounts

Another interesting way to get lots of followers on Instagram and increase the visibility of your account is based on posting content in which the most important pages in your industry (i.e. accounts from 100k followers and up) are mentioned or tagged.

It is not so unlikely that these pages can interact with your posts, so it will happen that the Instagram algorithm will make sure that the content is highlighted in the Explore page, where millions of curious people are waiting for you looking for new photos and accounts to follow.

Needless to say, in that case you’ll get a lot more likes, comments and most importantly new followers.

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