5 Teams With The Most Super Bowl Titles

5 Teams With The Most Super Bowl Titles

When it comes to football, there are a handful of teams that always stand far taller than the rest.

The 49ers, The Steelers, and The New York Giants are among the few who everyone recognizes for their skills year after year. But putting fan loyalty aside, which teams actually have the most Super Bowl titles? Who are the ultimate winners?

Today, we have researched who those winners are from the beginning of the league, until now. Will you be surprised by the answer, or is your knowledge up to the test?

1. 6 Super Bowl Wins – New England Patriots

With Fanduel’s Super Bowl odds, everyone must have assumed that the New England Patriots were near the top. If you were one of the many, pat yourself on the back, because boy were you right!

Joint top of this leader board, the New England Patriots have won 6 Super Bowls in total.  Loved by their fans and hated by everyone else, this dominant team wasn’t always at the top. As recently as 2002, the Patriot had no championships to their name and were vastly considered underdogs.

Even though Tom Brady is a living legend now, when he was first in the team, even his fantastic stills couldn’t break this chain of events.

But all of this changed when the Patriots came out of nowhere and defeated the long-reigning St. Louis Rams!

The Patriots have been dancing, collecting and skirting around the winning titles ever since. Their longest winning streak was 17 wins with at least 10 of them cropping up between 2003 and 2019.

The last time the Super Bowl trophy touched their fingers was in 2018, when they beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the most impressive Super Bowl win in years!

2. 6 Super Bowl Wins – Pittsburgh Steelers

With a name like the Pittsburgh Steelers, you know that they have a long history. In an area where “Steeler” was once the most popular trade, you can be sure that the same determination and grit is in every one of these players.

Being the 7th oldest franchise in the NFL holds the same historical weight. Still, they didn’t have their first win until 1975, 42 years after they first started playing.

But as with the movies, the underdogs win out in the end. After this first Super Bowl win, the Steelers won 4 more from just 6 seasons. The team consisted of Terry Bradshaw, Jack Ham, Joe Greene, and Mel Blount. Coached by Chuck Noll, this team was widely recognized as the best team ever assembled!

To some, this striking statement still rings true today!

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ most recent win was a while ago, though, having not reached the final since 2009.

3. 5 Super Bowl Wins – San Francisco 49ers

With so many legends coming from this team, seeing the San Francisco 49ers on our list isn’t a surprise. Having produced stars like Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, and Terrell Owens, we already know that the 49ers had to have a good amount of wins.

However, if we look at their stats, this mythical group seems to have fallen into the history books. Their first Super Bowl win was in 1981, and their most recent one was all the way back in 1994.

There are people born in 1994 who have mortgages and kids. Their last win was a literal lifetime ago!

4. 5 Super Bowl Wins – Dallas Cowboys

Also known as “America’s Team,” the Dallas Cowboys go from frontrunner to underdog and all the way back to frontrunner again. Their most recent win was in 1996 and was the end of their four reason reign.

Now they are back on the bookies’ table as an underdog, but we all know what that really means. They are waiting for that All-American tribute of rising from nothing and winning in the end.

Hopefully, they will fulfill their prophecy soon and leap from joint 2nd place to joint 1st! The leader board is getting rather crowded up here!

5. 4 Super Bowl Wins – Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers may have 4 Super Bowl titles to their name, but they have 9 pre-Super Bowl titles which is more than any other team. This is why the historical and fan-loved team has a fan base that crosses so many generations.

Not only are they fantastic now, but they were fantastic before this league even began!

6. Bonus – 4 Super Bowl Wins – New York Giants

Okay, so this list was meant to be 5 teams long, but how can we ignore the New York Giants when they have had just as many Super Bowl titles as the Green Bay Packers.

Sure they don’t have the 9 additional titles, too, but that’s not what this article is about!

The New York Giants are one of the most well-known teams in the league, and it all comes down to their greatest enemy, the New England Patriots. Having beaten the Patriots in 2008 with a whopping 16 – 0, the Giants truly earned their name and dwarfed the legendary team.

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