Is Offroading on Hoverboard Possible?


Hoverboards are one of the best inventions of humankind. From the early stages of the Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies, people are picturing the hoverboard type gadget in their thoughts. Initially, people were looking forward to the flying board, like in the Ben 10010 movie, where a flying hoverboard was portrayed. It has been a fantasy to ride flying hoverboards for both kids and adults.

However, A few years back, manufacturers have started making a new form of gadget. Similar to the flying hoverboard, but with tires. This technology uses motors to run the tires and gyroscopes to control and balance since all hoverboards are made and launched.

So the question arises, is offroading on a hoverboard possible? There are some requirements and qualities a hoverboard should have to work flawlessly on offroading terrains. Features like powerful motor, excellent tires, good balance, and durability play an essential role. If the hoverboard qualifies for these, then YES, offroading on a hoverboard is possible.

If you are looking for a detailing answer to that question, then indeed, you might have seen some hoverboards that claim to be suitable for offroading.

Should You Offroad On A Hoverboard?

Is Offroading on Hoverboard Possible? 1

To answer this question, you have to consider your own experience first. If you are a veteran in using hoverboards and know how they operate, you can go for a costly offroading hoverboard and jump into rough terrain for a test.

However, if you are new to hoverboarding, I suggest getting some experience on a smooth surface until you are ready for offroading. Knowing how to ride a hoverboard properly is crucial for offroading. That is why you should polish your skills before jumping offroading.

And lastly, check your hoverboard. Is your current hoverboard good enough for offroading? If Yes, then you try it on different terrains and experience the hoverboard offroading. If your board does not qualify to be a good offroading hoverboard, you will have to spend extra money on a more suitable hoverboard. In addition, offroading hoverboards cost more than usual boards.

Moreover, we have to emphasize not using your regular boards for offroading. You will end up with a severe injury or damage to your board.

What Qualifies A Hoverboard for Offroading?

There are certain things that a hoverboard should have to qualify for offroading. These things will ensure that you will have a good experience and do not put yourself in danger in any way. Make sure your hoverboard has these qualities, or buy a hoverboard with these qualities if you are willing to get into hoverboard offroading.

Build Quality

Build quality is by far the most important to look at in an offroading hoverboard. You want your board to be durable and sturdy, so it can stay intact on challenging and rough terrains with rocks.

When you are offroad with a hoverboard, it will run on different surfaces like grass, sand, snow, or rocky areas. A durable hoverboard will ensure that both you and the board are safe on this surface. In addition, you don’t want your hoverboard to break soon. Therefore, a durable and robust quality is a must.

Moreover, a durable hoverboard will have enough potential to carry weight, which is also an essential factor. You want to make sure that your weight lies under the given weight limits of a hoverboard.

You also need to ensure that your hoverboard has some level of water resistance. On offroading terrains, you’ll often need to run it through a watery surface. Therefore, some level of water resistance will prove beneficial.

Motor Power

The second you need to look at in your desired board is the motor power. Motor power is directly related to everything like speed, weight limitation, offroading, and experience. Therefore, a board with a powerful motor is recommended.

 A powerful motor will ensure that it can run on a rough surface, carry a lot of weight, and provide a smooth experience with the required speed.

The motor power may depend on the budget and the hoverboard. Therefore, I cannot give you an exact number to look for. However, for your ease, an offroading hoverboard must have at least 300-watts of power on both sides.

In addition, you will not use this hoverboard for offroading. When you are on a smooth surface, you might desire a speedy experience. So, a powerful motor will make your board future-proof.

Wheels & Tires

As you can guess, wheels and tires play an essential road in providing a smooth offroading experience. All-terrain hoverboards should have big wheels to conquer obstacles like rocks, watery terrain, or grass. For exact numbers, offroading on an 8.5-inch wheel is doable in some cases. However, you’ll want to go for a 10-inch wheel size if you have the budget.

The tires of a hoverboard are also essential. A tire with a good grip and smoothness will ensure an easy and pleasing offroading experience. It will also give you more control over your movement, as going front, sides, and braking will become for effective. Therefore a good grip is recommended.

Incline Limit

Incline limit is another essential aspect to look at in a hoverboard, especially for offroading. The limit of inclining to the front is the incline limit of a hoverboard. It is used for moving forward. However, it is essential in a hoverboard, Since it is also responsible for climbing certain terrains.

Some hoverboards with 15-20 degrees of incline limit are enough for basic offroading. However, you will need a minimum of 30-degrees for a completely all-terrain hoverboard.

Some of the Best Offroading Hoverboards

Gyroor Warrior G2

Is Offroading on Hoverboard Possible? 2

Gyroor Warrior G2 is one of the best offroading hoverboards we have tested so far. The metal and aluminum body ensures a durable build quality, which is essential for an offroading hoverboard. In addition, the weight limit of 265 pounds is also a massive bonus for adults. The IP54 rated water resistance provides some durability against water.

As we have said before, motor power is vital for the most thing that a hoverboard do. The Gyroor Warrior G2 has 700-watts of motor power which will be enough for offroading, adults, and speed. Speaking of which, this hoverboard can run at a top speed of 10-mph on a smooth surface.

The Gyroor Warrior G2 has everything that an offroading hoverboard needs. The maximum incline limit of 30-degrees is enough for most terrains. The 8.5-inch wheels are a bit turn-off, but they do the job well.

In addition, fast charging provides excellent value to the product. It can charge completely in 2 hours. It is a self-balancing hoverboard with Bluetooth speakers and LED lights. Moreover, the UL2272 Certification ensures that your safety is concerned.


  • Powerful Motors and a top speed of 10-mph.
  • Fast Charging supported.
  • Self-balancing technology with Bluetooth speakers and LED lights.
  • Thirty degrees of incline limit.


  • A 10-inch wheel would have been more incredible.
  • IPX4 rating of water resistance would have been more practical.

EPIKGO Sports Hoverbaord

Is Offroading on Hoverboard Possible? 3

EPIKGO Sports is a beast hoverboard with 400-watts of dual motor and a top speed of 10-mph. The vast design and durable build quality make it incredible for offroading and almost any terrain. The EPIKGO Sports hoverboard supports a maximum weight of 265 pounds, just like the Gyroor Warrior G2.

The unique features like Streamlined racing tires and fast charging provide significant value to the product. Just like the Gyroor Warrior G2, it has a wheel size of 8.5-inches. However, the excellent grip on the tires makes them perfect for offroading. The Alloy steel rims ensure that the hoverboard has robust wheels for all types of terrains. Moreover, the IP54 rated hoverboard can withstand high-pressure water and dust particles.

Another good thing about the EPIKGO Sports hoverboard is that it charges relatively fast. You can achieve a complete charge in only 2-hours. However, the only thing that concerns me is the 18-degrees of incline limit, which can get a little problematic in some cases.


  • Power motor and 10-mph of top speed on a smooth surface.
  • Fast Charging.
  • Robust and Sturdy Build Quality.
  • IP56 rated water resistance.
  • Excellent grip for offroading.


  • Do not have any Bluetooth Speakers.
  • Expensive.


Offroading on a hoverboard is a lovely experience that almost everyone should have. You cannot help but love the experience if your board provides excellent stability, smooth speed, maximum incline limit, and an excellent grip.

As for the question, is offroading on a hoverboard possible? Then, Yes, offroading on a hoverboard is quite possible with the right board. You must have a qualifying board for a loving experience and not risk any injury. Therefore, I recommend taking extra care of your safety, and do not try offroading unless you have enough experience to control the hoverboard on all types of terrains.

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