How to Choose the Best Travel Cigar Humidor


Do you need your cigars to have an ultimate taste and quality, just like an old wine? It would help if you had humidors for that. Humidors enhance the preservation of your cigars. If you love traveling, you should go for the best travel cigar humidors to have the best quality cigars while on your tours. To get the best travel cigar humidor, here are the tips that you should put in mind.

Pick a Humidor with the Right Size

Other than the numerous and various humidors you can get checking on the sizes is a valuable tip. The right size allows for proper penetration and circulation of air. Proper flow of air enhances the proper humidity and temperature within the cigars hence improving the quality of the cigars. It is best if you get a larger humidor than the cigars you intend to hold or buy.

Consider Portability Factor

If you are an enthusiast who loves traveling, then portability ultimately must be a point to consider. Portable cigar humidors are small in size, light, and not heavy to carry around. A portable humidor not only saves you space but is also budget-friendly as compared to large-sized humidors.

How to Choose the Best Travel Cigar Humidor 1

How Tight is the Seal?

Seals are very important with the humidors’ quality of service. The seal determines how effective a humidor can be. It would be as good as nothing to have the best humidor quality with a defective seal or no seal at all. Ensure that the humidor that you purchase doesn’t make a whoosh sound when it closes. Humidors with defective seals won’t insulate properly as it is supposed to enhance maximum preservation. If purchasing your humidor from an online store, ensure to ask about the humidor from the vendors.

How to Choose the Best Travel Cigar Humidor 2

Separate Accessories Vs. Built-in Humidors

There are two options when it comes to purchasing the best travel cigar humidors. Humidors come with hygrometers and thermometers. These enhance the measurement of humidity and temperature of the cigars, respectively.

How to Choose the Best Travel Cigar Humidor 3

These accessories are of utmost importance as they are indicators of the preservation conditions for your cigars. As a travel enthusiast, it is best to go for a humidor with inbuilt accessories. This enhances monitoring your cigars without much hustle. You can easily check if the levels of temperatures and humidity are dropping or rising hence controlling them.

The Quality and Type of Material

The type of wood used to build the humidor plays a big role in determining the quality of the humidor. Different woods have different capabilities of retaining temperature and moisture. According to experts and popular opinion from users, humidors made from Spanish cedars are the best compared to the rest.

Ensure that the humidor you opt for has an interior lined with Spanish cedar wood, otherwise known as Cedrela Odorata. This type of wood gives maximum protection against insects and tobacco beetles.

Wrap Up

As much as the quality and other factors prevail, it is best to consider your budget. It is best to go for an option that you can easily afford and within your budgetary limits. The taste and preference on what humidor is best for you is an entirely sole and personal decision to make.

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