How to Celebrate Christmas on a Budget


Christmas festivities don’t have to break the bank. You can stay within budget and make your Christmas extra special this year. Between gifts, decorations and food, Christmas can get very expensive very quickly. Many people overspend in December and struggle for cash in January. A little budgeting can help you save money and make the most out of the magical time of year.

Here are a few ways to save money this Christmas.

Don’t go overboard with gifts

Gift giving is a lovely sentiment. However, we often go overboard with gifts and spend far too much money on distant relatives and colleagues. Ask your close friends to do a secret Santa, so you only have to buy one gift each. Save your money for the children’s gifts, and tell the adults in your family you’re not doing presents this year – and don’t expect to receive any. You could always promise them an extra special birthday present when you have a little more cash. Besides, you can still send a personalised card to your family members at Christmas.

Plan in advance

Start budgeting for Christmas a few months in advance so you can save up some money. Take a look at your monthly budget and start allocating a small amount for Christmas festivities. By the time December rolls around, you will have some money for fun activities. You could even start buying gifts in August to spread the cost over several months. 

Embrace free activities

There are plenty of free activities around the festive season. Most cities host a Christmas light turn on at the start of December, free of charge. You can wander around the city to see the Christmas lights without spending a penny. While you’re walking around, make sure to pop into your local German Christmas market. You could buy hot chocolate at the market and dance along to the festive tunes. Or save your money, and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere for free.

Look for deals

The Black Friday sales are just before Christmas. You can shop for gifts in the sales and receive massive discounts. Look out for deals in advance and make a list of everything you need. Stick to the list, and do not get carried away with all the amazing deals available.

DIY decorations

Christmas decorations get more expensive every year. It’s time to get creative and learn how to make some DIY decorations this year. You could make paper garlands or repurpose your bedroom fairy lights for festive lights.

Make the most out of the festive season and save money this year.

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