Military Prison: What to Do if a Loved One Is in Prison

Military Prison: What to Do if a Loved One Is in Prison 1

Prisons pop up everywhere. 1.8 million Americans are incarcerated in state prisons, federal prisons, and local jails. 

Yet this statistic does not represent all incarcerated people. Thousands of other Americans are in military prison. When your loved one goes to military prison, it can be disorientating. 

How should you deal with the news? What is military prison like? How can you remain in contact with your loved one and show your support? 

Answer these questions and you can affirm your loved one through the darkest time in their life. Here is your quick guide. 


Having a loved one in prison can be extremely difficult. Take plenty of time to care for yourself and your other loved ones. Talk to a psychiatrist if you are having an issue with stress or anxiety. 

Many crimes are reported in the local media, if not the national media. As a loved one of the incarcerated person, you may get a significant amount of press attention. Do not give interviews if you are not feeling up to it. 

Understand Military Prison 

A US military prison houses military members who are convicted of criminal offenses. Members of the public do not go to military prison unless they are enemy combatants. 

Military prisons are not substantially different from regular prisons. There are multiple levels of military prisons based on how long the prisoner will be incarcerated. Prisoners who pose a threat to the general population will be moved to a separate facility. 

You can conduct a prison search in order to find your loved one. Find a prison inmate search service and look at different military prisons

Attend Court Appearances

Your loved one may appeal their sentence or ask for parole. This means that they will go to court. A great way to offer your support is to attend court with them. 

You must dress in formal and conservative clothes. A court appearance is long, so be prepared to be inside for several hours. You can bring papers to work on, but you can’t make phone calls inside the courtroom. 

Write a Prisoner

Becoming prison pen pals with your loved one is a great way to increase morale for both of you. Track your loved one down and then start writing letters to them. 

Keep in mind that prison officials may be reading your letters. You should not write any details relating to your loved one’s case. You should also not write anything explicit or intimate. 

How to Stay in Touch With Your Loved One

A military prison can be tricky to understand. After your loved one goes to prison, you should take some time for yourself. Avoid the media and nosy neighbors as much as possible. 

Military prisons form a separate system from regular prisons, though they function similarly. Your loved one can make appeals, and you can attend their court appearances. 

You can also write to your loved one. You may need to track them down using a prison search company. 

You can help your loved one after they leave jail. Learn about life after prison by following our coverage. 

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