Mental health

Mental health

In simple terms, mental health is the state of being emotionally, socially, and intellectually fit. It is the main thing that influences us, the way we think, act, feel and react to something. It also matters because it affects our actions, how we handle a situation, either happy or sad, and how we make decisions to a specific talk.

It is not age-specific. It is important for people of all ages, whether it is a five year old child or a 60 year old person. Over time, if mental health disorders go undiagnosed, you may see changes that affect your mood and behavior.

Factors promoting mental disorders:

There are many factors that promote mental health problems in people. Some of the major ones are listed below:

● It can be a biological factor in the genes or some brain functioning.

● Some traumatic life experiences or mental abuse.

● Having a family background of mental issues of health.

Even though it’s common for individuals to have mental health issues, people shouldn’t have to suffer and live without knowing what’s happening in their minds. By seeking a professional that can help, people can first start the road to coping and recovering from their health issues. After having their treatments and following proper mental health policies, people tend to improve and start moving towards enjoying their lives.

Some warning signs and symptoms:

Do you think that you are facing any mental issues? If you are not sure, then here are some of the main warning signs to tell you if you are one of them suffering from it.

● Having a bad eating and sleeping routine

● Staying away from people or activities

● Having unusual body pains

● feeling hopeless and useless

● Excessive Smoking or use of drugs

● Thinking of harming others and yourself

● Having thoughts of a bad memory over and over again

● Shouting and fighting with people for no reason

● Feeling confused, angry, or upset all the time


Lastly, there is a very increasing rate of mental and physical health issues among young children and teenagers. Schools and colleges are the best places to teach them about mental and physical issues. Acts like stress, bullying, study burden, depression, family conflicts, or any disability can lead to mental issues. There should be proper mental health screening in schools and colleges to teach them about the symptoms and causes of this issue. This will create awareness among them and help them grow and evolve efficiently. Also, the ratio of people suffering from such issues will significantly decrease, making people live a healthier life than before.

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