Buying Guide: Birthday Presents for Teenage Girls

Buying Guide: Birthday Presents for Teenage Girls 1

Teenage girls are notoriously hard to shop for. They’re on top of the latest trends that seem to change weekly, and no two are exactly alike in their tastes and preferences.

And no one likes to give gifts that aren’t a good fit. Birthday present ideas are tough! 

So if you’re shopping for birthday presents for teenage girls, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a quick list of birthday present ideas that are sure to please. Read on for more!


String lights and fairy lights are always a huge hit with the teenage girl crowd. These are great for setting a warm and cozy vibe.

You may have to do some digging to find out your teenager’s preference for lights, but there is a variety of colors and styles out there sure to suit any desire.


These rugged and colorful water bottles have become near-ubiquitous these days. And it’s easy to see why it’s one of the best birthday presents for teenage girls.

Their double-walled design keeps drinks cool for over 24 hours at room temperature.

And their fun colors and modular design mean they can be customized to match their owner’s preferences perfectly. 

House Plants

It may seem strange that teenage girls are into plants, but being a “plant mom” is huge right now. 

It’s also a great way to liven up a living space, and house plants even purify the air. 

Look for species that thrive in low light such as snake tongues, spider plants, and pothos. If you want to really win at birthday present ideas, shell out for a monstera! These are huge on social media right now.

Fuji InstaMax Mini

The ’90s are back, in the form of the instant camera! While there are many on the market, the Fuji InstaMax Mini has come to reign supreme.

It comes in lots of fun pastel colors and is an adorable handheld size. It also has a variety of accessories available to really deck it out and personalize it. 

And teenage girls absolutely love it. It’s perfect for capturing analog memories, and the little photos are extremely aesthetic. 

Boba Tea Cookbook

If your teenage girl is spending all of her money on boba tea, this is a great investment. 

The colorful tapioca ball drink has taken the world by storm in the past couple of years, but forming a daily boba habit can get very expensive.

So why not make her own boba tea? It’s a fun learning opportunity and will definitely give her some clout points in her friend circle.

The Birthday Experience of a Lifetime

If you’re really looking for a crowd-pleaser on your teenager’s birthday, consider renting out a glamour party bus.

These busses are all the rage with older crowds such as college students, so this can give your teenager a fun experience without the alcohol or hard partying. 

Buying Birthday Presents for Teenage Girls

When you’re shopping for birthday presents for teenage girls, it’s best if you know your recipient’s tastes well. Teenage girls like practical gifts and experiences, so something on this list is sure to be a hit.

For more informative posts about trends and decorating, make sure to check out the lifestyle section of our blog! 

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