Trade-in Xbox: Essential tips to prepare your console

Trade-in Xbox: Essential tips to prepare your console

If you have an old Xbox lying around, it might be time to sell it. We are constantly getting better technology – whether it’s your phone, laptop or gaming console. There are always new models to get your hands on and old ones to throw in the cupboard. Instead of stockpiling old devices, you could trade them in for some money. 

Most devices are mass-produced these days and have no value as collectable items. There is no point hoarding old technology for decades. Their value actually drops as they become more outdated. You can sell your Xbox now and use the money to buy the latest model instead. 

Here are a few tips for preparing your console for sale. 

Reset your console

Your Xbox Live account needs to be removed from the console. This account will have your credit card information and personal data. Open settings on the console, select the System tab, then Console info and click Reset and Remove Everything. The rest button will wipe your console and reset it to factory settings. 

Clean console

You might be surprised at the amount of dust and dirt in your console. You need to give it a clean before you can send it to the buyer. Use a compressed air canister to blast the dust out of the console. Just remember to be careful and don’t overuse the canister. You can use some polish to make the surfaces glossy again. 

Decide where to sell

There are plenty of places to sell or trade your old game console online. The most popular ones are Gumtree and eBay in the UK. Write a detailed description and make sure to include any faults on the console. For example, there might be a few scratches on the hardware. Look at other Xbox listings online and use them for inspiration. You can also use these listings to find an appropriate price point for your product. 

Honest grading

Describe the condition of your console accurately and honestly. You should read the reseller policies carefully on your selling site of choice. You could be in for a nasty surprise if you misinform the buyer about the product. List any faults with the console and be nice to potential buyers. They are likely to leave a positive review, so you can sell more items in the future. 

Sell your old Xbox today, so you can have the latest model tomorrow.

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