The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

Planning a wedding is like planning the ultimate party of your life. No stone should be left unturned when it comes to creating your wedding, but because there are so many factors involved in a wedding, it can be particularly easy to forget certain aspects, especially if you have never planned a wedding before.

This piece will offer you the ultimate wedding checklist so you can put your mind at ease about missing anything vital out, and you can get well on your way to being excited for the big day instead.

The Venue

The wedding has to take place somewhere, which means you will need a couple of ideas for a venue in mind. Most places are willing to accommodate a wedding, so the sky is the limit. That being said – so is your budget, so make sure to keep that in mind. 

Whether you choose to keep it low key at a neat registry office or opt for something luxurious and classy such as The Riverhouse, the main thing is that you are happy with your choice. That, and that it will be able to fit all of your guests too! 

The Food

The food is an essential part of every wedding – perhaps less so for the nerve-ridden bride or groom, but definitely for the guests!

As much as it is important that you choose something you love, it is also a good idea to choose something that your friends and family will enjoy eating too. The last thing you need is anyone going hungry! It is also worth checking to see if any of your guests have any specialist food requirements ahead of time, so you can make your catering choice with that in mind too.

The Dress

The dress is often an important aspect of any wedding, which of course includes the tux and the bridesmaids’ dresses too! This is something you will definitely want to sort out in advance, as alterations often have to be made, and you will not want them made in a rush.
It is also useful money-wise to buy outfits way in advance, so you are not backed into a corner spending cash you do not have on the only clothing available or on last-minute expenses. 

Book Your Officiant 

Depending on what kind of wedding you dream of, you will want to make sure you have an officiant in mind and contact them at least 10 months in advance to check they have space available before you book your venue.

For certain weddings, such as those that are conducted in a religious building, you might find you are required to meet them a few times and undertake certain preparations, which can mean you will need additional time before you are able to get married in the way you would like. 

Remember, your wedding day should be one of the best days to remember, so give yourself plenty of time to prepare, and try not to stress about the things you cannot control. 

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