11 Must-Have Rifle Accessories for Every Hunter

Firearm parts or accessories make an immense difference in the usage of your firearm. Having appropriate rifle parts increases your knowledge about the functions of your rifle. It helps you in attaining proper trigger control and eye relief which are necessary for accurate shooting. Rifles are most of the time used for hunting and self-defense. Hence it should have the right accessories for attaining superior results. Having necessary accessories not only gives you desired results but also improves your shooting experience.Some of the must-have rifle accessories for a wonderful enhancing your shooting accuracy are:

List Of The Rifle Accessories:


11 Must-Have Rifle Accessories for Every Hunter 1

There can be no shooting without bullets. Hence, when planning to use the rifle, ensure that your rifle is loaded with adequate ammunition. The lifespan of a bullet is over ten years when properly stored. Hence, ensure that the bullets are kept in a dry and cool place. It is advisable to store the bullets in gun safes, as they have dry interiors and maintain a consistent temperature. The moisture damage leads to reduced momentum and misfires. Adjust and rotate the bullets from time to time to maintain their stability.


11 Must-Have Rifle Accessories for Every Hunter 2

One of the most vital rifle accessories is the right handguard. It protects the shooter from coming in direct contact with the hot barrel and also has additional notches / slots  to attach additional lever action accessories. The right length M-LOK handguard attaches to the stock end of the barrel and covers most of the barrel.  The handguard grants the shooter to place their hand over the barrel without coming in direct contact. The air can easily travel through the length of the barrel and cool it without causing any discomfort.

Ammunition Cases and Holders

11 Must-Have Rifle Accessories for Every Hunter 3

Storing your ammo safe and secure is necessary to ensure its proper functioning. As ammo is expensive and its storage needs to be at consistent temperatures, it is best to get durable ammunition holders. It is safe to de-load excess bullets in the magazine and store them in the bullet case when the rifle is not in use. The ammo holders should be crush-proof, watertight, and dust-proof to provide a dry surrounding for your ammunition. A tough and resistant ammunition case would safeguard all kinds of ammo at home and on the road. A tight seal on the ammunition case ensures dirt and moisture-free bullets for hunting. A well-functional lever action loading gate, will make it easy for you to load the bullets on the fly without removing the tube magazine for reloading.


11 Must-Have Rifle Accessories for Every Hunter 4

The scope is an important accessory for the hunters as it has a drastic effect on your shooting. It magnifies your target through glass optics. It also gives you an aiming point which aids you in determining exactly where your bullet is going. Hence, it allows you to be a precise shooter. Scopes come in various types and sizes with magnification levels spanning from 0 to 40x and above. However, it is necessary to match your scope with the type of shooting you plan to do for desired results.


11 Must-Have Rifle Accessories for Every Hunter 5

A rifle bipod is a v-shaped portable attachment that helps to support and steady the rifle. It is perfect for a situation when you need to hold the rifle up to your eyes for a long period. Using bipods will increase your accuracy as your rifle won’t wobble while aiming a shot. Activities such as changing your magazine or answering a call are easier when you use the bipod. As bipods are available in different shapes and sizes it allows shooting even at long distances above 200 yards while standing. However, purchase a lightweight and compact bipod for convenient carrying and storing. Bipods should be durable to withstand harsh weather conditions. The spring-loaded legs with locking dent allow the bipods to extend and set at various heights.


11 Must-Have Rifle Accessories for Every Hunter 6

A rangefinder is an amazing accessory as it provides accurate distance between you and your target. Thus, it eliminates any guesswork and helps you in taking more precise shots. Rangefinders improve your estimating skills and make you ready even if the target appears unexpectedly before you. Rangefinder allows you to get closer to your target without moving an inch. Rifle hunting rangefinders are available in a maximum range of 1200 yards. Therefore it is easy to find the rangefinder that suits your needs. Rangefinder for longer distances, render reliable measurements even in a bushy environment. The one with IR light provides good night vision with a zoom feature for enhanced details. It is always better to take your rangefinder for a test run and scout the area before you start your actual hunting. Mark the right hunting spots and use the rangefinder to get the distance estimate in each area. This would benefit in appropriate aiming and make your hunting a good experience.

A Rifle Sling 

11 Must-Have Rifle Accessories for Every Hunter 7

A reliable rifle sling or harness is an indispensable hunting accessory. It serves to sling your rifle over your shoulder or across your back. You don’t have to bear the heavyweight of the rifle in your arms thus keeping your hands free for other tasks. There are various types and kinds of slings available in the market. Hence, when planning to buy the sling, ensure that the sling suits you with your rifle. Although leather slings are more popular than the new nylon slings,both are durable. Ensure to buy a sling that has appropriate width and the right kinds of adjustments by hooks and buckles. A good sling’s closing mechanism withstands repeated uses and severe weather conditions. Some experienced hunters, however, make more advanced use of their rifle sling. They use it to help stabilize their body and their rifle in any shooting position.


11 Must-Have Rifle Accessories for Every Hunter 8

One of the most overlooked aspects of the trigger. People tend to adjust their shooting style based on the existing trigger instead of choosing the right one for the job. While the curved trigger allows the finger to rest naturally, people prefer to switch it with a flat trigger as the pull required is uniform across the entire trigger. Fans of curved triggers tend to swear by the marlin 30-30 gold trigger, for a premium look and feel.  People hunting in the cold season also tend to change their Marlin 336 lever into a large loop lever as the extra space accommodates the gloved hand in a better way. 

Spare Parts

11 Must-Have Rifle Accessories for Every Hunter 9

The rifle may get damaged while you are hunting. Hence for the timely repair of the rifle, ensure to carry all the necessary tools and spare parts with you when you plan to go hunting. You should also intensify your knowledge about all the components and parts of the rifle. Practical training on how to fix up the rifle when on the move would be of great help. Precision spare parts are necessary to ensure a long lifespan of a rifle. Hence, include them in your hunting pack. Also ensure to store the spare parts according to type, to avoid displacements.


11 Must-Have Rifle Accessories for Every Hunter 10

Common accessories such as optical lights, flashlights, and white lights are all powered by AA batteries. Hence, when your rifle is upgraded with such accessories, then you would need plenty of batteries to operate them. However, it is important to carefully choose the batteries. Ensure that the batteries have a long operating time and also extended shelf life for the consistent performance of the rifle.

Muzzle Brake

11 Must-Have Rifle Accessories for Every Hunter 11

A muzzle brake reduces the recoil of firing. It directs the chamber and bore gases at the muzzle when the bullet leaves the muzzle. The produced gases forward push on the muzzle brake as they are forced to turn the corners of the brake. This pulls the rifle forward, effectively reducing the recoil that the shooter experiences. There are many styles of muzzle brake available. You must buy a quality muzzle brake that is appropriate for your rifle. Port size should be in proportion with the size of the rifle so that the gas volume reduces the recoil force. If you’re shooting from a multi-person blind, getting a muzzle brake can make life a good bit easier.


The firearm and its related accessories have exploded in the market in the past few years. When you plan to buy firearm accessories, educate yourself about the same. Foremost consideration should be to store the rifle and related accessories at a safe place in your home to avoid any mishap. The size of the rifle accessories faces many restrictions in many states. Before buying any ammunition or rifle accessories, ensure you understand how the federal and state laws operate. Ensure to buy the rifle accessories from authorized gun stores so that they are not defective. Invest your time to assemble your gun parts and give them visual cleaning. This will allow you to accessorize them appropriately. Lastly, obtain a license from your respective state to own a firearm and purchase-related accessories. Abiding by state laws and purchasing rifles and their accessories from standard stores would provide you with tension-free hunting.

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