6 health issues you often face in regular life

Life in today’s times is in comparison to what our forefathers lived. The environment has changed drastically, quality of water, air and land has suffered major changes. The earlier temperature was mostly fixed in four seasons. But today due to climate change sometimes we see floods during the summer season while scarcity of rain during the monsoon season. It has become not only unpredictable but dangerous because lives have been lost. 

Thus, when our surroundings have undergone so much change how we, humans do remain unchanged. New health issues have come into the limelight which we unknown to our ancestors, and we have to go for Cenforce 100 or Sildenafil Citrates Tablets. Today technology has invaded our homes, it has made things easier for us. We have all kinds of comfort but still, happiness is neither to be found. This is because modernisation has come with a price that humans have paid by putting our health at stake. 

Today we are going to look at the 6 health issues that we often face in regular life. Some of them are minor that needs little attention but some of them are fatal too. Along with the problems we are also going to provide the possible solutions for them. So, read the article till the end to make your life easier. 

Erectile Dysfunction

Well, this was sure to come at the top of the list. Ask any man what does Erectile Dysfunction or ED means to him? For an adult sexual satisfaction is as important as mental and physical well-being. During ED men are unable to obtain the required amount of erection. This makes them incapable of gaining sexual pleasure because they do not last longer in bed. Dissatisfaction is built among couples; therefore, females too have to face the wrath. When a husband or boyfriend cannot fulfil your sexual expectations, clashes are bound to happen. Sometimes, ED becomes the reason for divorce or extramarital affairs. So, you cannot underestimate the extent of the damage.

The disorder affects the male but its after-effects are also felt by females who have to compromise their sexual desires. If you are a married man or woman, you must know the importance of physical love in the relationship. ED acts as a barrier in achieving the ultimate pleasure. Erection is hampered due to damage to blood supply in the penile region. To cure ED, the most common solution is to Buy Vidalista 20from Powpills under the consultation of a doctor. 

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus mostly known as diabetes is a situation in which the sugar level in the blood rises exceptionally high. The hormone Insulin who is responsible for converting glucose into glycogen for storage is deficient in the body. Thus, the unconverted glucose remains in the blood which causes diabetes. Insulin is either not produced or produced in very few quantities in diabetic patients. Therefore, insulin is injected in patients externally through shots. Diabetes cannot be cured completely but can only be controlled. Patients need to take periodic insulin shots, once or twice a week for a lifetime. In extreme situations, diabetes can cause loss of eyesight, obesity, osteoporosis, lack of testosterone and lack of sexual desire. 


Despite machines making our lives easier than ever beforemost of the population is still stressed. Our ancestors lived a much happier life despite working with their sweat and blood. Today depression, anxiety and mental health have emerged as major health concerns. In the age of social media pretending is the trend, everyone types laughing emojis on their mobile phones. But deep inside no one is really happy. As Shakespeare once said outward appearances are deceptive, those who are unable to pretend the trend are named backwards. Thus, letting them go into the depths of mental turmoil where they blame themselves for every misfortune. Too much stress can cause heart attack, hypertension, suicidal thoughts and disrupt personal life.

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