Inspiring Producer Mattykevs helps Artists Fulfill Their Dreams

Artists Fulfill Their Dreams

Mattykevs is a tremendous talent from Long Island, New York. Matthew Kevelson, also known as Mattykevs, was inspired by his mother’s love of music and the arts since early childhood. Music was like a new world to him, so he immersed himself in it. Naturally, he became a singer-songwriter, and as he grew creatively, he dove deeper into music to master his sound, becoming an outstanding instrumentalist and producer as a result.

The Rising Artist

Successful Influencer Mattykevs is in charge of his own brand. He was able to choose and perfect his unique sound and compose his own music production.  His music will appeal to those who enjoy groovy, calming, lo-fi style music. He conveys his sound in a smooth, ornate manner that touches many people and creates its own ‘vibe’. The experienced musician hopes that his musical expression will encourage others to create and be their own brand.

A Strong Belief System

Mattykevs has always believed that a person must stand up for what they believe in, which he tries to incorporate into his daily life. This belief stems from his high school days, when a quote under his name in the yearbook reads, “stand up for something, if you don’t, you’ll fall for anything.” Mattykevs enjoys being the person who does something rather than just watching. He lives in the moment, which he attributes to his grandfather, who frequently told him, “If not now, when, and if not you, who?” He chooses to live by those words, whether for his own purposes or to help others achieve theirs.

The Exceptional Entrepreneur

Mattykevs, an outstanding entrepreneur, not only stamped his own brand, but he also enjoys assisting other artists in achieving their goals. The CEO currently works with some of the most well-known influencers to help them grow their fan bases on social media and streaming platforms. He has no boundaries and is unafraid to devote his time and resources to the artists. The entrepreneur is relentless in his efforts to connect his artists with the right people. He always demonstrates his determination, loyalty, and ambition. As an experienced composer, Mattykevs knows what good music sounds like and how to market it.

Even though Mattykevs takes pride in his independence, he recognizes that there are some things he cannot accomplish on his own. He understands the importance of surrounding himself with a community of supporters who value what he does. As an artist, the best feeling is for people to appreciate and purchase the art that’s created. 

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