Sky Gazing 101: 5 Tips for Hosting a Dazzling Meteor Shower Watch Party

Sky Gazing 101: 5 Tips for Hosting a Dazzling Meteor Shower Watch Party 1

You’ll host an unforgettable meteor shower watch party with this guide to sky-gazing 101.

Meteor showers happen when Earth passes through a trail of debris and dust left by a passing comet. As the cumulation hits the upper atmosphere, the friction and air cause the particles to burn, resulting in meteors. When viewed properly, you’ll see more than several meteors per minute.

This guide teaches you how to host a dazzling meteor shower watch party. Read on to learn more about the night sky’s upcoming events. Here are five tips for hosting a memorable gathering.

1. Encourage Long Exposure Photography

You and your guests don’t have to be professional photographers to capture long-exposure images. All you have to do is download an app for your smartphones with a shutter speed feature. Or you can use cameras that have a shutter speed of eight seconds or more.

2. Offer Late-Night Meals and Accommodations

Viewing a meteor shower involves staying up late, so blankets and snacks should be provided. You can lay down blankets and pillows for comfortable seating and offer warm covers for the cold weather. Late-night snacks and drinks can be worked around the guests and themed for the event.

3. Share Themed Invites

You’ll want to send invitations two to three weeks before the meteor shower watch party. You can customize the invites to include images of stars, meteors, or outer space. If you’re interested in going paperless, consider virtual invitations and reservations.

4. Provide Stellar Maps

There are star maps that show the alignment of the stars for each night. You can download free these maps online, take the steps to create personalized designs, or download a sky app. Your guests will be able to see the constellations, planets, and more.

5. Choose the Right Location and Time

The meteor shower watch party needs to be planned for the right time at the right location. You’ll need it to be as dark as possible and clear skies. During the planning stages, ask yourself, when does it get dark where you’re hosting the event?

When to Catch the Next Meteor Shower

Your guests will love celebrating the upcoming meteor shower. The following are the dates and types:

  • South Taurids, late November 4th to early November 5th
  • North Taurids, late November 11th until dawn
  • Leonids, before dawn on November 17th
  • Geminids meteor shower mid-evening December 13th until dawn
  • Ursids, before dawn on December 22nd

Remember, the best viewing is in the darkest areas. If you live in the city or suburbs, you may need to travel someplace more secluded for optimized viewing.

Time to Get the Party Started

You can have a memorable time with your friends and family. Use what you read today as a guide to hosting a dazzling meteor shower party. These five tips will help you get started on sky-gazing events.

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