Applications of Sheet Metal Fabrication

Applications of Sheet Metal Fabrication

A multitude of industries in the world like Quick-Way Manufacturing uses sheet metal fabrication. Some of these industries include electronics, lighting, construction, automotive, aerospace, energy, and telecommunications. The fabricated sheet metal is common in these industries because it builds various structures (e.g. sheet meat chassis, enclosures, cabinets, housings, brackets, and others manufactured from raw sheet metal materials). Industrial fabrication services always stands out from plastic, casting, or extrusion. The sheet metal that is utilized in fabrication comprises an extensive list of possible materials.

The processes used in the fabrication process include machinated cutting, burning, laser cutting, and welding. As the Quick-Way Manufacturing industry grows, so do the technologies used to produce the fabricated sheet metal. In the recent past, there has been more robotics machine automation than there previously has been. This technology only requires the machine operators to follow instructions from an uploaded file to cut and form sheet metal faster than ever before. The result of the technological changes is that the fabricated sheet metal is more accessible and economical than ever before. Hence, the applications for its use grow each day. Sheet metal fabrication can be used. Stainless steel fabricators central coast are professional in the industry.


Cell phones, drones, computers, tablets, and other telecommunications communication equipment fall under the electronic category. Audiovisual equipment, LED lighting, and automated machinery used in factories are also under this category. Sheet metal fabrication is used when prototyping almost all electronic enclosures and parts.

Ordering a sheet metal fabrication prototype can be very cheap and quick, especially if the process will include laser cutting, water jet cutting, and press brakes. In addition, if any changes are necessary, they can quickly and efficiently be performed at a low price. This will, in turn, allow the electronic part to go to the market as soon as possible.

Chassis Construction

Even though sheet metal fabrication can be low cost and quick when the need arises, it can also be a more involved process that produces durable parts. A wide variety of materials that use durable coatings can make the end-use part. The durable finishes that meet an individual’s specifications can also be made with a wide variety of materials. The prototype of sheet metal is often low-cost and straightforward aluminum. However, more durable prototyped parts are made with copper, nickel, stainless and among others.

The CNC turret punch press and press brake is a highly versatile technology. This is because the sheet metal can be welded into a rugged, durable, and long-lasting component. Therefore, the chassis is easily constructed. The structural framework used is essential to a wide variety of equipment (e.g. audio technologies, drones, and passenger cars). The built frames must be sturdy enough to support the rest of the technology’s weight; this makes the durable machination method used in sheet metal fabrication a great choice.

Enclosures and Housings

Sheet metal fabrication is a durable and straightforward alternative for producing a protective shell that can enclose the electronic mechanism. In addition, this fabrication allows economical enclosures and housing to protect gearboxes and other sensitive electrical equipment effectively. It also serves as a barrier between the agent and the elements from the outside world.

The housings stop outside debris from getting in and can be manufactured as a waterproof solution. Since the sheet metal fabrication allows for custom-designed results, individuals can create a user interface on the housing. Some areas can be ergonomically designed for buttons that users can use to press down. This is useful especially for remote-controlled construction machines, computer sheet metal housings, and video game controllers.

Brackets and Small Components

The creation of small parts such as brackets or cable connectors can fabricate the sheet metal. Stainless steel, steel, aluminum, and copper alloys are sturdy enough to hold giant metal or plastic pieces together without breaking. A corrosion-resistant metal is essential for the construction of electronic equipment such as audio equipment and computers since spills and debris are expected for laptops, mobile phones, and work computers.

Together with 3D printing technologies, sheet metal fabrication can make small components that constitute electronic devices’ inner workings.  Durable fabricated metals can make Gears, parts for hard drives and motherboards, and more. This is made quick with the use of the CNC sheet metal punch press and press brake.

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