Why are You Shedding So Much Hair?


Hairs are shredded naturally every day, but shredding too much can be scary and let’s be honest, losing too much hair will not make you look like a Vin Diesel – I mean, have you seen that guy?

Normally, we lose around 100 strands a day; however, it’s time to look into its causes if you are losing more than that.

What can Cause Hair Shedding ?


In medical terms, men and women go through hair loss, also known as pattern hair loss or androgenic alopecia, which can happen due to inherited genes that can cause hair follicles to shrink and cause hair growth to diminish. It means your genes are responsible for receding hairline or bald spots.

It usually starts with hair thinning and can trigger at any stage of life.

Regrowth in such cases is possible due to various treatments available. However, the results may vary from person to person. The earlier you seek treatment, the better the results will be.

Due to the ageing process

Ageing is a natural process that affects hair growth as well. When growth gets affected, the hair becomes thin and loses its colour. The receding hairline is one of the symptoms which you can see. Since it’s a natural process, regrowth can be tricky. If you start early with the care and treatment, you can delay the symptoms.

Why are You Shedding So Much Hair? 1

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata is caused when our body immunity level drops and starts attacking hair follicles which causes hair loss. It can cause hair to fall from your body, nose, ears, even your eyebrows and eyelashes.

Why are You Shedding So Much Hair? 2

The regrowth is possible if you start with the treatment early, which helps stimulate hair growth.


Why are You Shedding So Much Hair? 3

People receiving chemotherapy or radiation can cause hair to fall out; dermatologists can easily suggest some treatments that can help recover them within a few weeks of receiving it. Hair starts regrowing as soon as cancer treatment stops, along with medications and treatment advised by the dermatologist, can help get that hair back.


As a woman, you might face hair fall after a few months of delivery; this is when you will start experiencing hair more on your brush and floor than on your head.

Why are You Shedding So Much Hair? 4

 Childbirth is a stressful time; however, within a few months, the excessive shedding stops when the body gets readjusted. By adding treatment and medication, you can boost its growth.


If you regularly color, perm, or use heat appliances for styling hair, it can damage your hair and cause hair loss. These treatments can damage hair follicles which reduces their ability to grow hair. If persistent, it can even cause permanent hair baldness or bald spots.

Why are You Shedding So Much Hair? 5

Styling your hair tightly pulled back can cause losing hair permanently, which is medically termed traction alopecia. Regrowth in such cases is difficult.

Hormonal issues

Another common cause of hair shedding is hormonal imbalances, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which causes cysts on ovaries that cause various signs and symptoms in the body; one such is the falling of hair. This condition can cause hair thinning as well. With proper treatment and medication, regrowth of hair in such a condition is possible.


If you are suffering from thyroid, then thinning and shedding of hair are common symptoms, and some may even feel clumps of hair on their brushes. Taking proper thyroid treatment can aid in reversing the hair shedding process.

Why are You Shedding So Much Hair? 6

Loss of essential nutrients from the body

If your body lacks an appropriate amount of biotin, zinc, iron, or protein can cause hair to shred. Consuming these nutrients in an appropriate amount can help in boosting hair growth.


If you google, you would find various ways to stop hair shedding; however, understanding its root cause can help take the right treatment, which assists in healthy hair growth.

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