Which GPU Program for Pools Should you Choose?


Where can you start the process and how does it work?

The essence of the process is to create crypto coins using a special algorithm. A unique data block is created on the home personal computer, which confirms the accuracy of payments. As a rule, a block contains a hash, the title of the previous block, a random number, a hash of transactions. 

The place where all these processes take place is called the pool. There are currently quite a few pools. 

Features that have a huge impact on the choice of it

There can be only one piece of advice here: you should only use trusted services. It is important to study the reviews before choosing any particular program. To find a good site, you should start with certain criteria:

  • what currencies are you planning to buy;
  • selected place for the process;
  • whether there are hidden commissions or payments from the creators;
  • what currency the earnings will be converted to.

Why is cloud mining the best way?

This is an investment of money in the rental / purchase of equipment for the extraction of cryptocurrency. In fact, it is not at the miner’s home. Maintenance, connection, configuration is carried out by a service specially created for this purpose. 


  • This method is recommended for miners with no experience. They will not be able to assemble and configure the equipment on their own. It is also relevant for people who do not want to waste time on technical equipment and become attached to a room with a farm.
  • Installing several farms at home is unlikely to work, since the equipment used for mining heats up. Multiple farms can be used in the cloud. Also, the miner can get by with minimal investments (there are services where contracts cost about $ 1).
  • The power is higher than that of the home device.

The best programs, which you can use to earn money on mining

Most of the popular mining programs work based on the use of the power of the video card (Gpu mining software). A lot of things exist for experienced miners, they have a complex interface and require a network or a pool of hardware.

Popular programs that have a complex interface and allow only experienced miners to work with a minimum load on the system are very popular.

So we have selected for you the best programs with which you can definitely start your miner journey. You can also visit the “Coin Trade & Mine” website by visiting them at the link: https://coin-tradeandmine.com/.

  • BFGMiner – utility that allows mining from a video card, including FPGA gadgets. Pools in the program are configured independently, it is possible to adjust the speed and frequency of the cooler, script support, RPC.
  • CGMiner – in order to mine with this utility, it is not enough to have a powerful processor or video card. It is required to know the commands that are sent to MS Dos.

The rest work on similar principles, but we all advise you to study their features in advance:

  • GMiner
  • LolMiner
  • NBMiner
  • T-Rex Miner
  • TeamRedMiner
  • PhoenixMiner

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