Which are the Best Countries for the Soft Launch of Mobile Games


Do you know what is the best way to optimize your games for a huge market? It is the soft launch of mobile games. It helps the game developers to remove any bugs in the game and save money. Moreover, it helps them to get customer feedback on time. One important thing to note is that if you are going for a soft launch in a foreign market, then you must translate the game in the target market language. For this. You must take the assistance of gaming translation services.

Countries For the Soft Launch of the Games

You want the soft launch of your games, but wondering which countries to choose for the soft launch campaign. Let’s find it out. The pivotal point in deciding on a soft launch is to check the dynamics of the market. This will help you in releasing your game globally.

Initially, it was Canada that was ranked as number one in the soft launch of mobiles, but here the question is does Canada work for all markets. To find a more appropriate answer, Zenna conducted a study and selected the 20 most popular countries for a soft launch. They divided these countries into three categories

·       EMEA, Europe, Middle East, and Africa

·       NALA, North American and Latin America

·       APAC, Asia Pacific

Let’s analyze these regions and decide which region is best for a soft launch. Whatever the region is you must remember, people will download your game if you release it in their native language. Therefore, going for gaming translation services is a must.

EMEA Region

EMEA is a region containing more countries than other regions. Game developers find it a most attractive and diverse market. The Nordic countries and the UK are considered the preferred markets for a soft launch in the EMEA region. However, giant mobile game companies like Kabam and Rovio prefer countries like Finland, Norway, and Sweden for a soft launch of the mobile game.

For this, they must translate the game into the language of the target market. For example, if you have decided to soft launch your game for Finland then you must go for Finnish translation services.

NALA Region

Do you know that the second-largest region in the world is North America, and it generates a billion dollars in the global economy? The mobile segment is the biggest segment of the gaming industry because of mobile penetration. Canada is at the top of the list in this region for a soft launch.

On the contrary, Latin America is the smallest region, however it has a fast-growing population. Brazil is another country that is famous for games testing. The other important country in the NALA region is Denmark. Unlike other countries, you must translate the mobile games into the native language. In the same way, for the Denmark market, you must go for Danish translation services.  

APAC Region 

To your surprise, APAC is the fastest and biggest mobile game market. The important countries in this region are China, South Korea, and Japan which are reaping high profits in this industry. On the other hand, Southeast Asia is also growing and playing its part in the growth of the entire region. Singapore and Hongkong are small but tech-savvy countries with flourishing gaming markets.

Device Invasion

iOS penetration in some countries is low. Therefore, it is not a good idea to soft launch your games in these countries because acceptance rates in these countries are low. Did you know that software penetration in English-speaking countries like the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada is high?

If we talk about other countries, iOS is leading in major Asian countries like Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, and Singapore. iOS penetration is also high in Finland and Denmark. In Finland, 56% of people are using iOS whereas in Denmark 42% of people have iOS operating cell phones.

Wrapping Up

So, for which country do you want to soft launch your mobile games? If you want to soft launch mobile games for Finland and Denmark target markets, then you must know the consumer behavior of both countries and go for Finnish translation services and Danish translation services. It will increase the scope of success in the specific market. Moreover, you don’t have to rework your games.

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