This is one of the first questions you will need to ask yourself in order to capture the attention of your followers. To make your subscribers want to follow you, your identity must be strong . What do you want to represent in your profile, what image do you want to give yourself of your activity, of your passion? Which name will you choose to allow you to reach the goal of 1000 followers.

Another important point, imagine the first 9 shots that will make up your Instagram feed . These 9 photos must appeal to visitors so that they subscribe to you. The easier the exercise, the more it will mean that you have content to share. Make no mistake, what will make the difference between you and other similar accounts is the quality of your content. Much of your strategy will need to be based on it.


You have 150 characters to define the most simply, the most subtly, the most Instagrammable (ok I’m getting out!) Why you are on Instagram. Weigh every word and make sure your bio represents your profile. There is no established code or specific rules. Be creative and don’t forget to use Emojis!

You can also play with Featured Stories to dress up your profile and give additional content to your followers. This practice is useful for increasing the lifespan of your most memorable stories. Be careful to visually take care of your cover visuals (see the examples just above) because they are part of your Instagram account showcase.


If you are a business, use Instagram’s professional mode to accentuate your touch points with your followers. Conversely, switch to designer mode if you want to communicate as an individual. Note that the majority of nano influencers have active contact buttons (email address) to be contacted directly from Instagram. Then, these options will also allow access to statistics in order to monitor the performance of your account and the connection hours of your subscribers.


Then work on the caption that accompanies each image. Describe why you are sharing this photo rather than another with your fans. To generate more engagement, do not hesitate to lengthen the format of your accompanying texts. This will have the double advantage of segmenting your target according to your objectives. For example, know that generation Z quickly consumes content and often stops at the first 5 lines.

Stories are a hit on Instagram. This instant format that allows you to communicate in a more natural way is in great demand, in other words, if you want to gain your first 1000 followers quickly you will have to get started. The advantage of stories in your content strategy is threefold:

  • You will save time,
  • You will alternate the types of content,
  • You will constitute the hard core of your audience.

Clarification: A story is different from a post on your Instagram wall. It only lasts 24 hours and can be kept by adding it to your Featured Stories. To start a story, we will press on the upper part of the view (black arrows). For a post in the Instagram feed, it will be at the bottom (blue arrow).

Stories require less preparation time. They were designed to capture a moment of your day and share it with your community. That is it! The more you share, the closer your followers will feel to you. Customizable at will with stickers and free text, this format will be a real asset for your communication. To get started, set yourself a simple goal: for example make 1 story per day to allow your subscribers to follow your adventures!

I recommend this technique ONLY to seed your account (until you reach the first 500 subscribers). To do so, go follow the active accounts of your competitors. Those who like, comment, share the content of these. Why is this method interesting? It will make it possible to get followers on Instagram very quickly. Moreover, this audience will interact more easily with your posts because they have already shown an interest in your field of activity by taking an interest in your competitors.


In addition to the first method, you will have to go and interact with Instagram accounts likely to be interested in your activity. The idea here is to humanize your account so that the community feels closer to your brand, so react to photos and videos showing your interest. Your followers will give it back to you!

Simple and efficient. If you are present elsewhere than on social networks, this is the perfect place to redirect your Instagram followers. By using this technique, I was able to bring a lot of additional traffic to my website. This growth hacking technique should not be neglected.

As you can see, parameters such as frequency, activity, number of interactions received… will affect the overall performance of your post. To gain Instagram followers, you will be able to “boost” your publications by tagging friends. You need to be close enough to these people to be sure that they will interact with your post. This will show Instagram that your content is of interest and can be enjoyed by others.

To conclude on this article intended to gain Instagram followers, I am going to talk to you about advertising. I will not discuss advertising through the Facebook business manager, as there is a detailed article here.

Launching an advertisement on Instagram via your mobile is a good way to quickly boost a post. If your targeting is done well, your advertising should increase the coverage of your post and therefore interactions. On the other hand, if the content is relevant and qualitative, you will gain new followers. Please note, to be able to launch an advertisement, your account must be in professional or designer mode (it is free, see above) and that you have a Facebook page attached to your Instagram account.

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