7 Common American Flag Hanging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Nothing beats waking up before dawn and raising the national flag over your own yard. Our flag represents liberty, freedom, and other principles that make our nation the best on the planet.

That is why it is a symbol worthy of our respect. It would be best to avoid American flag hanging mistakes if you intend to raise one in your backyard or decorate your home with one.

The United States Flag Code lays out the basic guidelines that you must always follow when decorating with the American flag.

This year, ensure that you do things correctly and in accordance with the rules. Here are the seven common American flag hanging mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1. Displaying the Union in Reverse

When hanging the American flag, always ensure that the Union is at the upper left-hand corner. However, it can be quite tricky to figure out where the Union will go when hanging the flag vertically.

You need to know that the Union will go on the upper left corner. Consider visiting this website to learn why we stand when the American flag waves.

When hanging it against the front window, put it as you display posters or ads in a store. That means it should face outwards onto the street.

You must realize that the rule remains the same, whether hanging it upright or horizontal. The Union always remains in the same space.

It would help if you considered where to hang flags. Choose a place with no obstructions.

2. Flying it at Night

The American flag flying tradition stipulates that you hang it only from sunrise to sunset. However, there are exceptions, like during national events like Memorial Day or Decoration Day. This is because these events may remain throughout the evening.

Still, you can hang the flag after sunset, provided you keep it illuminated. Also, ensure that the light only focuses on the flag. In case you are displaying multiple flags, make sure you set up lighting for each flag.

If you hang the flags in a garden, always set up a light for each flag.

3. Displaying a Worn Flag

Give the American flag the respect and honor it deserves. For instance, would you continue putting on worn-out clothes for a social meeting or professional duties?

Before hanging flags at home for display, always inspect them. If it has worn out or is not in good condition, consider retiring it.

Could you get a new flag to replace it? You can consider retiring your flag by donating it to a local American Legion post or holding a burial ceremony for it. You can also consider getting a new American flag instead of using a worn-out one.

4. Wearing the Flag Like Clothing

Always remember, a flag is a flag and not clothing. The American flag etiquette stipulates that the flag should never be used as bedding or clothing.

However, the American Legion exempts situations where a garment is designed to look like a US flag, but it is not. It is a design and not an actual flag.

Don’t make the mistake of retrofitting the American flag into a type of garment. The same applies to other uses that are not appropriate like using it like napkins, tablecloths, or couch cushions.

5. Letting the Flag Touch the Ground

If you hang large flags on your walls, always ensure they are at least a foot above the ground. This applies even if you are hanging flags at home.

Never let the US flag touch the ground. It is a sign of not respecting the nation’s most known symbol. It also must not touch other surfaces like the wall, roof, the top of the car, among others.

This rule ensures that the flag is kept from getting dirty or damaged.

In case the flag touches the ground unexpectedly, don’t destroy it. The American Legion states that the US flag can be washed or dried. You just need to pay attention to the type of material it is made from before washing.

6. Displaying American Flag During Extreme Weather

If you want to show your patriotism by hanging the American flag, always make sure the weather is suitable. If the weather report forecasts rain or a windstorm, take the flag down.

As a patriotic citizen, always remember to protect the flag from any weather damage.

However, there are situations when you can display the flag in any weather. The US flag code stipulates that an all-weather flag made from nylon material can be used in any weather condition. It is ideal for any outdoor use.

Don’t hang the American flag during extreme weather unless it is an all-weather flag.

7. Flying American Flag Below Another One

The American flag code states that the US flag is the supreme flag. If you are displaying another flag, always remember to put the US flag above others. If you display the other flag on the same level as the US flag, the code states that the US flag should be displayed on the left pole.

If you display two flags with a crossed staff near a wall, ensure that the US flag is placed in the front and left.

Avoid These American Flag Hanging Mistakes

Whether you want to hang the American flag during Memorial Day, Veterans Day, or any other holiday, be sure to follow the outlined codes for the American flag.

Though American flag hanging mistakes may not put you in danger of getting arrested, it may seem disrespectful or ignorant to display the flag incorrectly.

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