Making your Yard Festive for Christmas

Making your Yard Festive for Christmas

The Christmas season is a joyous season and making your yard look festive will make your home look welcoming and pleasing to the eye. The Christmas season is also the season when you welcome guests and a brightly and prettily lighted yard with beautiful flowers and plants will make your guests feel welcome and help them enjoy their visit to your happy Christmassy home.

Planters and Containers

The weather may be cold and grey but you can brighten your Christmas yard by lining the drive and all corners of your yard with planters containing branches and pine cones. Brightly colored containers and planters can add cheer to a dull and grey day. You can also add warmth by lining the drive and other parts of the lawn with pots containing brightly colored Christmas-friendly flowering plants. Some beautiful flowers that add color to a Christmas yard include poinsettia, orchids, Christmas cactus and amaryllis. The showy blooms of these flowering plants are weather-resistant and add a cheerful dash of color to your yard. You can alternate pots with colorful flowering plants with ferns and pines to give the yard a warm and welcoming appearance.


A home that is beautifully lit for Christmas is a feast for the eyes of guests and passers-by. You can place pretty solar lights along the driveway, fire pit or swimming pool to help guests find their way around your yard easily. Christmas comes at a time when days are shorter and nights are longer. You can experiment with a wide array of outdoor lighting to add to the festive merriment. You can get creative by shopping for Utah Christmas lights or take the help of a professional lighting contractor to make your house look cheerful and welcoming with the façade of your home and the trees and bushes in your yard lighted beautifully and professionally.


Green winter leaves are an essential part of Christmas decorating. Hanging a leafy wreath or garland with brightly colored ribbon over the doorway is always a pleasant and welcoming sight when guests visit a home for Christmas. You can place leafy winter plants in containers to make your yard look beautiful and welcoming. If your yard has winter-friendly bushes you can swath them with string lights to make your yard look extra festive. Some bushes that weather winters include blue spruce, catmint, coneflowers and, wintergreen boxwood. You can also make unique decorative arrangements with fallen branches, plants with bright berries and evergreen tree branches and place them around the yard with brightly colored lights if your yard does not have bushes.

Fire Pit

Christmas entertaining around a fire pit in cold grey weather is both festive and fun. If your house does not have a fire pit, you can easily buy one. You can buy a portable outdoor fire pit for Christmas entertaining that you can put away during the summer. Make a temporary fence around the fire pit and string lights around it to add to the gaiety and warmth of the Christmas meal. Place bright decorative lights along the path leading to the fire pit to make it easy for your guests to find their way. Serve cocktails before dinner around the pit or serve dessert and coffee around the fire pit after a sumptuous indoor Christmas meal.

Placing beautiful and decorative lighting outdoors and complementing it with flowers, bushes and dry arrangements can make your year look festive all winter leading up to Christmas. Utah

Christmas lights installed by professional lighting contractors will be waterproof and high-quality. They will make the outdoor lighting in your house safe and beautiful throughout the holiday season.

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