Britney is Free – So is She Coming Back To Music?

Britney Is Free - So Is She Coming Back To Music?

For the longest time, the millions of Britney Spears fans who used the #freebritney hashtag on social media were dismissed as “conspiracy theorists.” Her father and conservator Jamie Spears encouraged people to think that way. He ran his daughter’s life for thirteen years, taking full control of her finances, medication, and the things she was allowed to do in her personal life and told the world he was acting in Britney’s best interests. We now know that was a lie. After a long, loud social media campaign that exploded into life earlier this year, Britney Spears is free.

The dust is still settling on this momentous decision, but Britney has been quick to thank her fans for their constant, unwavering support during this incredibly difficult period of her life. She’s also apologised to them for pretending that everything was fine in the past when it wasn’t – a pretence that dramatically came to an end a few months ago when she addressed a court and accused her father of a litany of personal and professional abuses. She hasn’t indicated what her next move might be, but we at least now understand why she withdrew from the spotlight and stopped performing.

Her father and his fellow conservators decided when Britney worked, where Britney worked, and how Britney worked. They co-ordinated her most recent two albums. They also arranged her first Las Vegas residency. They tried to arrange a second Vegas residency – which Spears briefly appeared at a promotional event for – but she then withdrew from it. She also withdrew from personal appearances and stopped going to the recording studio. To all intents and purposes, Britney Spears went on strike. She was unhappy with the amount of money that was taken from her and the amount of control her conservators had over her, so she tried to stop feeding them. It was a successful approach in many ways, but, unfortunately for her, there are other ways that people can make money from her name.

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Even without an active presence in the music and performance world, Britney can still make millions of dollars in merchandising. Her name sells fragrances, t-shirts, and dolls. Her music and likeness have been licensed to a range of products, including an incredibly successful online slots game made by a company called Aristocrat. It was an instant hit with online slots players when it was released. None of those players could have known that when they paid for a spin on the reels, they were lining the pockets of Jamie Spears. It’s not uncommon for your money to end up somewhere other than where you’d like it to when you play online slots, but under normal circumstances, the result is fair. That’s the nature of gambling. In the eyes of the iconic star and, more importantly, in the eyes of a judge, the arrangement and mechanism that ran Britney’s life weren’t fair. That’s why the order was made.

There might be more ramifications from this further down the line. Britney’s lawyer isn’t quite done yet. He intends to thoroughly investigate Jamie Spears’ handling of the conservatorship from start to finish with a view to finding out where Britney’s money has gone and whether her finances were mismanaged. If he finds anything, he’s vowed to take the singer’s father back to court and prosecute him. That case will make the papers if it happens, and we’ll all hear about it. In the meantime, though, fans are curious to know whether this means we’ll see a return to the spotlight for Britney Spears as a singer. She hasn’t released an album since “Glory” in 2016, which received strongly positive reviews at the time. Fans are anxious to hear from her. They’ve waited a very long time.

The first thing we should remember is that Britney hasn’t enjoyed a vacation on her own terms for a very long time. If she wants to spend some time with her fiance doing whatever she wants to do wherever in the world she wants to do it for the next year or two, she has that right. Nobody should begrudge her that. Her experiences in the past thirteen years might have turned her sour on the idea of ever taking to the stage again, and that would be understandable. It would undoubtedly be a disappointment for the fans who’ve been waiting for new material, but the most important thing is that she’s free and she’s well. The overwhelming majority of her supporters would agree with that sentiment.

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When she’s ready, though, the potential for her next album to be one of the biggest of her career is enormous. Britney is at her best when she’s writing from personal experience. Her 2007 album “Blackout” is regarded as the best of her career in terms of artistry, even though it was written during one of the most intensely traumatic periods of her life. If it was possible for her to channel the thoughts, feelings, and experiences she’s been through during the past thirteen years and turn it all into music, it could instantly make her the biggest star in the world all over again. The opportunity is there if she wants to take it, but only she knows whether she’s ready or if she’ll ever be ready for a return of that magnitude.

Many of us have grown up with Britney Spears. She released “Baby One More Time” when we were at school. She became a megastar when we were in our teens and then grew into an adult in front of our eyes. People feel an attachment to her because of that. There will always be a lot of interest in whatever she does – and even in the things she doesn’t do. In winning her freedom, she’s brought the eyes of the world back to her. As she once sang, it’s all eyes on her in the centre of the ring – just like a circus. Britney’s the ringmaster in that circus, and her next act will be whatever she wants it to be. The circus will leave town whenever she wants it to.

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