False Hope’ is soon to be released by DeadXDying on October 29, 2021


 Artist : DeadXDying 

 Album : False Hope

 October 29th,2021


Summary Section: ‘False Hope’ is soon to be released by DeadXDying on October 29, 2021. Every word spoke onto this record comes from a place that bleeds Pain , Trauma and a fresh wound on a Broken Spirit. The pure emotion that pours into to the listeners ear as the tracks progress and the story deepens, this is a story never heard , in a style never spoke which is expected to be well appreciated by listeners!

DeadXDying Put all the cards on the table with ‘False Hope’  and Friday October 29, 2021 it arrives.

Leaving no tricks, all treats in this genre collapsing emotional ride through a dark place , Halloween just got a little bit better !

DeadXDying has put all the cards on the table heading into this October. ‘False Hope’ is all set for the  release the last Friday of the month on the 29th. Leaving two days to have your faith tested  and is expected to garner lots of praise and appreciation from music lovers , as they once again break the genre wheel in the music industry!

‘False Hope’ is ffo : a wide genre of hip hop or rap that puts a new spin on the way the alternative feel blends perfectly with different genres in every track! 


“I gotta say it is different from whatever we have seen in the recent times, you know from hungry artists trying to crack the “alt rap” code, in my opinion when DeadXDying drops “False Hope” you just met the locksmith”

(In a recent article)

The artist shares his emotion and says “In motion to drop my first official album 

“False Hope” with hopes it gets the powerful message to the listeners ear …. Someone’s always got it better, someone’s always got it worse ….. Live the best life you can while you’re still drawing breathes! “

DeadXDying has taken the music industry by storm with there fresh and new feel. It offers a flawless blend of multiple genres and gives a street rap feel a very new sound on tracks like “ I Don’t Wanna Be Here “  , to create one of the best and most in demand emotional and powerful rollercoasters full of sharp points and low blows leaving only the feeling of the artist for its listeners. The artist mentions that every note of music has plenty of efforts and lots of sweat behind every creation.

The artist is passionate about music and loves to create notes that touches hearts.

‘False Hope’ is the first official album of the artist. Through the album, the artist wishes to send a powerful message to the listeners. The artist mentions that every track does bring in something new because music is a passion for the artist.

The Story behind DeadXDying:

The artist has gone through immense tragic times when in less than a year, he lost the people he loved the most. As his world crumbled around him leaving him devastated and lonely, he chose complete withdrawal and to severe all connections with any feeling. Leaving him dead inside . But somewhere deep in his guts , he knew he had to swallow at least enough of the pain to let his agonizing tragedy bleed into magic. He needed a way to release all the pent up damaged emotions anger and despair in a safe … healthy way. Being in a bloodline the is fueled by music this was the only choice for the artist

 This broken spirit and his deep emotional lacerations ,… led to the birth of DeadXDying.

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“Since I died I’m dead weight, not dead like heaven’s gate… but I’m dead like I can’t feel a goddamn thing!” -taken from “Put Your Hands Up “off the upcoming album “False Hope”. DeadXDying fans are advised to stay tuned for the next release ‘False Hope’ which listeners are definitely going to love. Just in time for the spooky season! 

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