3 Ways to Make Friends in the Digital Era

3 Ways to Make Friends in the Digital Era

Gone are the days of making friends in a bar or a club activity, technology has introduced people to new ways of making friends, and that is of course, through online apps. In fact, most people in America make their new friends online today through various means. Many have tried but failed and it can be difficult to know where to look.

Both the men and women, as well as boys and girls tend to take different roads when trying to make friends online. Females rely mostly on social media applications such as Facebook or Instagram, whereas males tend to make friends through games and sports. If you have been living under a rock and have no idea how to make friends through technology, you are just in the right place. We have unleashed 3 ways to help you make friends in the digital era. 

1. Find friends on Instant Messenger apps such as Kik

The digital era has completely revamped how we prefer to communicate with strangers. Numerous apps have made it easier for people to connect with strangers all around the world. By using an instant messenger app such as kik, you can find and chat with like minded people anonymously, that are also looking to make new friends and relationships online. The easiest way to find other users on kik is by using a kik friends finder. The site is perfect for engaging with strangers without any strings attached and allows both teenagers and adults to find their match.

2. Play online games 

If you are addicted to playing games 24 hours a day, there is a good chance that you have already found like-minded friends online. But there is also a chance that you have literally no friends in real-life. In fact, this is the life of a gamer. The games can be so immersive and get you so involved in making a fantasy empire or beating villains that it becomes easy to forget about your most important relationships in the real world. However, in this revolutionized tech world of games and wonders, you can absolutely make great friends online while playing games. This is especially helpful if you are having trouble connecting with people in-person. You just have to find the right niche and find like-minded people to play with. Many games have modes that allow you to play with strangers. Just gather your confidence and make sure to use the voice and text chat and be a positive player. You might end up having an intriguing conversation that could lead to a long-term friendship.

3. Amp up your social media presence 

If you are always stuck at work or studies and have no time to interact, here is how to entice other people to talk to you. The secret is to enhance your profile page by adding colourful pictures and lively comments, which will make your profile attractive to people. When people visit your profile, they will get allured by your vivid and exuberant selection of posts and then get encouraged to like, comment, or even message you. This can be a fantastic way to become popular, but it requires some effort and research into what to post, and how to present it. 

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