Top 8 Benefits of Hiring an Event Production Service

Top 8 Benefits of Hiring an Event Production Service 1

Are you struggling to reach clients this year? Consider hosting a corporate event! About 63% of marketers use events to capture leads.

In fact, another 80% generate sales through event marketing. About 52% of business leaders say event marketing generates a higher ROI than any other channel. 

After COVID-19, in-person interactions are more valuable than ever, according to 48% of attendees.

About 48% of event planners begin planning an event almost a year in advance, though. Don’t waste valuable time trying to plan an event alone. Instead, consider finding an event production service.

On the fence about hiring an event production company for your next corporate event? Consider these eight benefits of hiring an event planner first. After reading this guide, you can make a more informed decision before planning your next company event.

Discover the top benefits of hiring a professional company for planning corporate events with this guide today!

1. Accomplish Your Goals

Before planning your next corporate event, take a moment to consider what you want to accomplish. For example, you might want to:

  • Generate brand awareness and recognition
  • Generate potential leads
  • Boost sales
  • Improve your ROI
  • Forge business connections
  • Announce a new product or service

Then, visualize what you want your corporate event to look like. Consider the talent or entertainment you’ll hire. Perhaps you want to invite a speaker instead.

You might struggle to accomplish your goals alone. While planning your company event, you’ll likely have other tasks on your plate. Trying to juggle too much at once could cause a few balls to drop.

Don’t try to handle it all on your own. Instead, consider hiring an experienced event planner.

They’ll take the time to consider your needs and goals. Then, they’ll help you by turning your vision into a reality.

Imagine the frustration of spending a year planning an event, only for everything to fail to meet your expectations. Don’t waste that time and money. Instead, work with an event planner to accomplish your goals. 

2. Remain Within Budget

Meetings and events account for over $325 billion in direct spending each year in the US. About 40% of corporate planners expect their event budgets to increase.

About 72% of event industry professionals say they get to work with an annual budget of $30,000 or less a year. About 38% spend less than $1,000 per event. 

Meanwhile, about 43% of an event’s budget goes toward marketing and promotion efforts.

About 32% of the cost is dedicated to speakers and talent. Venues account for another 18%.

Choosing an event production service might make it easier for you to remain within budget.

You can leverage the event planner’s experience and expertise to make decisions based on your budget. They’ll make sure you won’t go overboard.

Without help, you might not realize you’re going over budget until it’s too late.

Controlling your budget can boost your ROI from the event. You could set your business up for growth and success as a result. 

3. Experience and Expertise

Consider choosing an event planner who has years of experience in the industry. Remember, you can leverage their experience and expertise. They’ll help you make more informed decisions every step of the way.

Talk to your event management company corporate about the events they’ve handled over the years. Learning about their previous projects could help you discover new ideas.

If this is the first corporate event you’ve planned alone, it can feel overwhelming. An experienced event planning company can help. Their experience and expertise can ensure the best possible results.

Look for a team that’s handled events for companies within your industry, too. They’ll have a better understanding of your needs and goals.

4. Find and Hire Vendors

If you try planning an event alone, you’ll have to look for individual vendors. You could waste valuable time vetting different options. Instead, consider hiring an event production company.

These companies already have business relationships with reliable vendors in the area.

You can leverage those relationships to make more informed decisions about the vendors you want to hire. You won’t have to call a dozen different vendors, either. Instead, you can rely on your event planner to contact everyone for you.

Instead of having five different contacts, you’ll only need to manage one. Your event planner will become your liaison, saving you valuable time. 

Otherwise, you might have to deal with multiple teams on your own.

You can learn more about how an event producer can help here.

5. Save Time and Avoid Stress

Planning corporate events can feel stressful, especially if you lack experience.

You can minimize your stress by hiring an event manager. Delegating responsibilities will help you handle other tasks. You can better manage your time and avoid unnecessary stress. 

5. Endless Creativity

You might struggle to make decisions if you lack experience planning corporate events.

Instead, turn to an experienced planner. After all, it’s their job! You can utilize their experience to come up with creative ideas.

You’ll also have a sounding board you can use to weigh your options.

6. Great Results

It’s not enough to accomplish your goals. If you want to wow your target audience, you need to go above and beyond.

Working with an event planner can help you ensure everything looks and feels great. Impressing your customers could help you generate more business. Your ROI will rise as a result.

Without help, however, you might struggle to compete with other businesses that are hosting corporate events this year.  

7. Remain Organized

Remember, it can sometimes feel difficult to juggle too many tasks at once. If you struggle to remain organized, you might forget something.

Your event planner will stay organized for you. They’ll make sure you don’t neglect any major (or minor) details. 

8. Peace of Mind

If you’re worried about an upcoming company event, take a breath. Consider hiring a professional event planner instead.

Their help could give you peace of mind. You can meet and exceed your own expectations with ease.

Set for Success: 8 Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Event Production Service

You don’t have to handle your next company event alone. Instead, consider these benefits of hiring an event production service. Hiring an event production company could give you the peace of mind you need.

You can wow customers, generate more sales, and accomplish your goals this year.

Searching for more tips? You’re in the right place.

Check out our latest guides today for more. 

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