Why Taxidermy Is a Great Way to Decorate Your House

Why Taxidermy Is a Great Way to Decorate Your House 1

We’ve all been to that one log cabin: the cozy fireplace, a warm drink in hand, and, of course, the mount of a prior hunt sitting atop the mantle.

It’s a picturesque scene. But have you considered you could have that in your very own home?

That’s right. Taxidermy is a great way to outfit your home, creating both a rustic aura and a conversation starter, all in one. Let’s begin.

Taxidermy As Art

Taxidermy started in England and was popularized by both scientists and laborers alike. Initially, it was a practical craft that allowed creatures to be preserved and maintained for study elsewhere.

Of course, these processes advanced and today we see taxidermy in both the scientific fields, displayed in museums, as well as in galleries and in homes, as trophies and stories.

For some, it calls on a previous natural desire to be out and one with nature. For others, it’s because there’s nothing more beautiful than the creatures that live around us.

Taxidermists Tell a Story

The head of a bear tells a story about man conquering beast. A squirrel climbing atop a piece of bark tells the story of the creature’s daily life. And a stuffed bird, wings extended, tells a story of soaring freedom.

There’s a lot that a taxidermy display can do for your home and any of its spaces. Perhaps the bird, displaying its wings proudly, sits in your office, where you also work with pride.

A squirrel climbing on the walls of your den is cute, funny, and offers a natural connection with the outdoors. And of course, the bear over top the mantle will always provide an excellent conversation for friends and guests who visit.

How To Taxidermy

Taxidermy is a rather difficult trade to perform, and one that’s even harder to master. There are courses available for learning taxidermy. If you have something you’d like taxidermied at present, it’s best to leave it to a professional.

Though performing your own taxidermy is difficult, if you’re in it for the story, you can always look around and ask local artists for their advice on a specific piece you’d like to taxidermy.

Hunting Not Necessary

Just as funerals should be a celebration of a loved one’s life, so should taxidermy be considered honoring the life of another creature. Many taxidermy their beloved pet, to see and remember every day.

Others may not enjoy the act of hunting, but want the feeling of being surrounded by nature and all its bliss.

If you’re this type of person, take a look at https://all-taxidermy.com/product-category/taxidermy-mounts/ for some excellent taxidermy mounts. From fish to stuffed birds, there are options that will fit whichever space you like.

Decorate Your Home

A taxidermy display invites conversation and allows you to transport yourself into that cozy, natural space that you desire. No longer should taxidermy be reserved exclusively for log cabins.

Use taxidermy displays to fill your home with stories and art. And if you liked this, check out our related blog posts for more.

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