How to Start Your Own Podcast

How to Start Your Own Podcast 1

Podcasting can be a great way of unleashing your creative powers especially if you have perfect oratory skills. Currently, 41% of Americans above 12 years listen to a podcast monthly. With the right appeal, you can leverage this great audience to make money from podcasting.

So, have you been wondering how to start your own podcast? It’s not such an easy task but with a little effort, you’ll make it. This guide will provide you the basics of how you can start a podcast.

Start by Identifying Your Goals

It’s important to set goals for your podcast before anything else. Try to make your goals concise and achievable. These goals will act as your blueprint so you don’t want to work with something that’s over-complicated.

The goals will act as the yardstick for measuring your performance in the future. Additionally, goal setting will help you figure out what aspects to focus on later. Some of these aspects won’t be very clear in the beginning so it’s important to give your goals some flexibility.

The Niche: An Integral Solution to How to Start Your Own Podcast

Successful podcasters know that they can’t impress everyone. It’s not that their content isn’t of value, rather, listeners have different preferences. These podcasters, therefore, have perfected the art of catering to an audience that’s most appreciative of their work.

You need to follow in the same footsteps. What topics do you want to talk about in the podcasts? Which crowd resonates most with the topics?

Asking yourself these questions will help you carve out a niche of listeners that most podcast companies haven’t identified yet. The secret lies in creating unique content with high demand among listeners.

Choose the Length and Format

Your topic will have a great influence on the format of the podcast. For instance, interviews are an ideal format for podcasts that discuss industry insights/trends. On the other hand, solo podcasts are preferable when you want to share your experiences.

The format of the podcast will influence its length. However, don’t make it too long or extra short. The former will bore your audience while the latter leaves them dissatisfied.

Give It a Name

Attract the attention of prospective listeners by giving your podcast catchy titles. Go for names that are precise, descriptive, and stimulating. Make sure to add a keyword that relates to the subject matter in the name.

Doing this will give you greater exposure among people searching for podcasts that relate to the subject matter.

Podcast Hosting Provider

A reliable hosting provider will assist you to upload and store the podcasts. That’s the only way that people will be able to find them.

You should consider factors such as the pricing plan, RSS feed, and ease of operation among others when selecting a hosting provider.

Start Building Your Podcast

It’s time to jump on to the frenzy of creating your podcasts. The era of consuming what other people are producing is over. But the solution on how to start your own podcast isn’t that straightforward.

You’ll have to implement the above and practice patience as your channel grows. Don’t give up after a few attempts; you never know when you’ll be viral. Discover more interesting articles like this by browsing the website.

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