How to Become a Hip Hop Star?

How to Become a Hip Hop Star? 1

My name Alias Is Huzsuh ( Pronounced) Hustle. Every Since I was little kid I would hustle… like goin to the store for dollars… Shooting craps and the when I hit the streets I did the same thing hustle and to dis I still hustle Yes I have my own label 48 BG Ent… it was found in 2020 it all started with a hashtag…

It comes from my aunty house… where we grew up at it’s land mark in my city I was born and raised in Newark and east orange NJ  Just like any hood in America only thing Newark is a lot more dangerous then most inner cities because everybody knew where to search when you looking for someone vs like Atlanta as example if something pop off you don’t know where these niiggaz from where they be at cause it’s so wide open you would have to do a lot research and my city is full of huzsuhler.

I currently reside in Miami and Ga. I was at a family reunion one day as kid and I got on stage and I love the attention it was like a drug and every since then I been chasing it on and off… I was inspired by Tupac… anybody that knows me personally they call me pac short for Tupac cause I really thought I was him as a youngin then I as I got older Jay z lead the way and I been following his blueprint since

You probably spend your free time writing lyrics and rapping in your room or in a buddy’s studio. When you’re not making music, you dream of filling concert halls, of having thousands of fans who know your songs by heart and of owning big luxury cars surrounded by models like in American music videos.   However, your daily life is quite different, your Facebook page struggles to find new fans, you send demos to labels without ever having a response and unfortunately your career does not take off.   Good news for you, we are going to reveal 3 big secrets that will allow you “maybe” to become the next rap star!

Artistic identity is a fundamental notion when you are an artist,it is the key that opens the big doors to success. We all saw a very talented rapper who was struggling to break into show biz and we all wondered why this talented guy hadn’t signed a deal with a major record company yet. In fact, the reason is simple: This rapper thinks that making great music is enough to be successful.

And this is where he is totally wrong. Contrary to what one might think, talent is not enough .   The majors are not only looking for great songs, they are also looking for a strong artistic identity. They want a rapper who stands out and looks like no one else.   Listen to the rappers who are on the radio right now, do you really think they are all talented…? Certainly not, but on the other hand, they managed to attract the love of the audience by creating a character that is unique and different from the rest.Although it is hard for many artists to accept, music remains a business like any other.

Record companies, labels and distributors are companies that primarily seek to make a profit. If you want to become a rap star, you’re going to have to learn to have a keen business sense in order to best develop your career.  To have a good business sense is to be able to see yourself as a product and not as a piece of music. It is also being able to negotiate contracts, manage staff who work for you, not to be afraid of money and above all to see yourself as a company that seeks to increase its turnover.Take a look at the rap superstars, they all have owners and founders of one or more music labels, but also clothing, perfume, and sometimes even liquor brands.

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