The Multi Talented CEO Raxx The Barber


For as long as I can remember, barbershops have always been an integral part of urban communities and a place where love, hip-hop, and so much more have always converged. It was no different when I made the trip out to raxx the barber.

When arrived and walked through the doors I felt like I just stepped into a refined version of every barbershop I’d ever seen. Marbleized floors and pristine white walls resulted in a luminous space that was booming with the sound of some Young Thug. On the walls, you are met with original artwork and photographs, some of which were taken by Raxx .

Raxx feel that the reputation that he, and his team, got was from the community, so he always feel that it’s his duty to give back. They’re the ones that started him off, so I find ways to do things for their benefit. What they’re doing right now is going out to other places. They have a residency there for the homeless, so every Monday we head over and provide haircuts. We dedicate two hours of our time and 10 of us show up and set up

Raxx is famous for his his Absolutely eye catching hair transformations. He can make you look like 100 times better in just some time . Raxx is always available you can catch up with him any time any city any state . for just decent amounts.

You can learn more about Raxx and his work on his Instagram @raxx_tha_barber

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