What are the best Prescription Glasses for Sports?

glasses for sports

Sports glasses are as important as any other sports gear. You can only fully enjoy the game if you are wearing proper equipment to protect yourself. Glasses for sports protect your eyes from possible injury. You must be wondering wearing glasses while playing sports can be equally dangerous for your eyes. You know, getting shards in your eyes can make you blind for life. We are talking about sports glasses that are sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear and protect your eyes when involved in any sports mishaps.

There are 40,000 cases of eye injuries related to sports every year in the US. And most of them can be avoided if worn proper protective eyewear. It’s wiser to wear a pair of sports glasses when you go out cycling the next time. It can help your eyes stay safe from elements of nature and also give you a better vision.

If you are looking for the best prescription glasses for sports, make sure to check these qualities.

The perfect fit of the sports glasses frames

Regular glasses are not preferred for sports because they slip off your face too often. Sports glasses with a perfect fit do not slip off or come off your face when running around. The wraparound structure of the glasses keeps them on the face, snugly fitting the face and not coming off too easily.

Most sports glasses are made out of polycarbonate, which is a more rigid plastic. Actics glasses from Specscart are made from TR90 material. This material, a result of Swiss technology and can easily twist and turn. This material is flexible and can easily bend in your face shape.

Regular glasses are a tough fit when wearing with your helmet. Sports glasses made in TR90 can bend according to your face shape without putting pressure on your nose. You can comfortably wear these glasses and not worry about your hurting nose or temples while participating in your favourite sports.

Ease of breathing when doing sports

Your glasses should let you breathe. Sounds ridiculous, but it isn’t. The wraparound structure of your glasses frames allows you to breathe easily and not fog your glasses. Your regular glasses become foggy as they come in contact with moist air. Sports glasses leave space for enough ventilation that air can pass through the space between your glasses and face without touching the lenses. The wraparound structure of the glasses does not let them become foggy. This quality makes them thebest winter cycling glasses. You do not have to worry about your foggy glasses and continue enjoying your sports even in winter.

Sweatproof and waterproof

When you are involved in sports activities, you are likely to sweat. When sweat gets on your glasses and blocks your vision, you need to remove them and clean them for a better view. But most sports glasses are coated with a special layer that doesn’t let sweat or water stick on the surface. It rolls down the lenses without hindering your vision.

Protection from sun and UV rays

If you love outdoor sports, most of the sports are outdoors, you will need glasses to protect your eyes from the sun. The harsh sunlight flashing on your eyes can get troublesome while playing. Your vision is also hindered because of the sun. Suppose you are bike riding and suddenly flashed with a lot of sunlight. You will need to put brakes urgently and shield your eyes from the harsh light. Glasses protect your eyes from such a situation.

UV rays can be damaging to your eyes. Prolong exposure can also cause a lot of health implications. To protect from all of these troubles, you will need good quality lenses for your eyes. Getting UV 400 coating over your glasses can be beneficial. You can also opt for polarised lenses or anti-glare coating that will cut the intensity of the glare.

You can also try out transition lenses that you can use in any light condition.

Vision enhancement

Sports glasses not only protect your vision but also provide you with better vision. Transition glasses or polarised lenses give you a clear and comfortable view. If you get these in coloured tints, you can further enhance your view appropriate for your sports.

Sports like golf can be a lot easier if you wear red tints or green tints. These colours improve the colour and depth perception. You can easily differentiate between the green gold course and the clear blue sky, which sometimes seem to merge.

You can use yellow tints to increase the brightness when playing indoors. You can try out other shades to match your sports.

Sports glasses also have a higher top which lets you have a maximum area for vision. When you are riding a bike or cycle, you are bend over the bike and look from the top part of the glasses. If you are using your regular glasses, you will see the top of the frame, which will hinder your view. With a wider area of vision, you can see more and more clearly.

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