Funeral services in Singapore

Funeral services in Singapore

When a loved one leaves us forever, we become exhausted with grief. In such painful moments, It is a good choice to get funeral services. In this article, I will mention the funeral services in Singapore in detail. This article contains complete information about Funeral Services Singapore Packages which are as follows.

Buddhist funeral services Singapore.

The basic concept of the Buddhist religion is samsara. According to the Buddhist religion, samsara is a cycle of death and being reborn that never ends until one can not do enough karma and achieve nirvana. In Buddhism nirvana is that state in which one has no desire nor sense of self. In Buddhism, the funeral ceremony starts with the bathing of the body and then dressed for preparation. The Buddhist monks make sure that the funeral must be simple but more formal. Buddhist monks pray for dead people. A Buddhist funeral usually takes 45 to 75 minutes.

Buddhist funeral package price in Singapore.

Buddhist funeral package price starts from $5,888 Net for three days, $ 6,388 Net for 5 days, and $ 6,588 Net for 7 days. You have to pay only for the package you buy. There are no hidden charges.

Direct funeral services in Singapore

Direct funeral services are the perfect funeral service in Singapore for those who want to save their time and money. In Singapore, this service will assign you only a direct incineration service because burial space burial is more costly in Singapore. That’s why the people of Singapore do not prefer direct burial services. Usually, there are no grievers when direct burial is performed nor funeral wake service. This type of funeral contains only necessary things related to cremation. Direct funeral services rapidly take the place of a traditional funeral because it is less expensive and also takes less time to perform the funeral ceremony. Direct funeral services provide direct cremation service and direct burial service. Direct cremation service is the cheapest way of the funeral. This funeral ceremony does not contain any embalming and viewing process. A direct burial service in which burial is done without a funeral ceremony. This service is not preferred by the people of Singapore. It is also not easily available. This is also a very costly way of a funeral in Singapore. Direct funeral services are cheaper than traditional funerals. Because many money-consuming elements such as embalming, hearse, and limousines are not included in the direct funeral services. Moreover, direct cremation is cheaper than direct burial. Direct funeral service package starts from $800 containing all necessary elements of the funeral.

Christian funeral services in Singapore

In the Bible, it is mentioned that after the death of any person he finally rests for all time. In Christianity, the average age of a man is almost 70 years. After the death of any Christian family, they start preparing for a respectful funeral. Friends, family, and relatives of the dead person gathered in the same place, recall and celebrate the life of a departed person. When the funeral ceremony started in Christianity the churchman offered the prayer for the forgiveness of the dead person. But in those painful moments, no one can look after the arrangements of the funeral. So it is good to contact a funeral service provider. Different funeral packages are available one can choose according to their own needs. They charge $6,088 for 3 days and $6,488 for 5 days.

Taoist funeral services in Singapore 

 In the Taoist religion, it is thought that our body consists of spirit and monsters. Our spirit needs to perform different actions to protect our bodies from monsters. When the spirit leaves the body then there is nothing to protect the body and it becomes weaker and dies. In Taoist people believe that death is another stage of life. It is similar to a Buddhist funeral. In Taoist funerals, first of all, they clean the dead body by using a wet towel and talcum powder. After cleaning the body they wear a good dress, the dress can be of any color except red. To do all the necessary things they need to connect with a Taoist funeral service provider. In Singapore, this is one of the funeral services. But this is not common in Singapore. This is because of a lack of knowledge among Singaporeans. It will be considered a challenge to find a company that provides the Taoist funeral service. Ang brother’s funeral services give you the quality of work. Their team has detailed information About Taoist funerals and traditions. Their packages start from 7500 dollars for 3 days.

Free funeral services in Singapore.

It is the right of every human being to perform his last rites in a dignified manner. When some people leave the world, unfortunately, they do not leave enough money to perform their funeral rites in a dignified manner. In such cases, it is requested at the casket fair price to provide free funeral service from social workers and nursing homes. The casket fair price staff provide their services to the bereaved families free of cost. In this type of funeral different public members also participate and donate some money for the coffin and funeral. It is also a positive point that there are many people eager to help needy families.

Catholic Funeral Services in Singapore 

The use of prayer at Catholic funerals is very important. In a catholic funeral friends and family of the deceased view the coffin and pray to gather in one place to pray. Because of this gathering, the family of the deceased spent some time with their special someone and also viewed the coffin. Mourners and other gathered people pray together as a high family. At the funeral, there are two things involved which are prayers and the communion process. Mourners are at the church when they receive the dead body and they start the communion process. There are different Catholic packages available. It depends on your choice what will work for you. Their package price starts from $4000. Different funeral services in Singapore are doing their duties honestly. They do not take any hidden charges. And provide you their best services. 

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