Different Men’s Tungsten Ring Designs For Your Daily Style Statement

Different Men’s Tungsten Ring Designs For Your Daily Style Statement

Tungsten rings are far more popular than traditional gold or titanium rings! One of the latest trends in marriages, these rings are perfect ever after. Unlike other metals that have been used traditionally for rings, tungsten rings are an ideal fit for every young and energetic groom out there. 

The metal has a distinct personality, and besides its aesthetic beauty, tungsten rings don’t wear out easily and are scratch-resistant, making them the perfect option for active grooms. However, the real confusion starts with the different available design options. Brides are often confused with the ideal design that would suit their grooms. 

Therefore, to help you out in this confusion, we have curated a list of the top tungsten ring designs that can be a part of men’s daily style statement. 

  1. Blue Nile: 

The Blue Nile is a classic design selection for the modern groom. This tungsten ring design comes with a classy blue color that is highly appealing. However, you can also avail of it in different designs and finishes, ranging from a matte finish to a shiny, polished ring that provides an elegant look to the wearer. 

One of the unique tungsten rings to choose from, the Blue Nile, counts as one of the unique rings that can be gifted in special moments like marriage or anniversaries. 

  1. Minimalist silver:

As the name suggests, the Minimalist Silver ring design is a plain and simple style with a lustrous appeal. The ring presents a graceful touch that blends in perfectly with the overall look and finish of the ring. 

If you decide to gift it to your husband or your groom, it’ll be the perfect choice to bring out elegance. 

  1. The lone diamond tungsten ring: 

Another great everyday ring design found at makers like Intellirings is the lone diamond tungsten ring. This is one of the most simple and appealing designs for a modern-day male who likes to keep it simple with their style. 

We suggest the lone diamond tungsten ring if you’d want to go for a simple and stylish design that brings in an ‘extra’ effect. 

  1. Black walnut wood inlay: 

The black walnut wood inlay ring design is an ideal choice if you want to make your style a bit more contemporary and stylish. You can easily go with this simple yet gorgeous ring. The design presents modernity with its black walnut inlay coated in some type of black ceramic, which is meant to amplify this ring’s durability. 

Gift it to your man if you want to leave a beautiful impression behind! 

Final Thoughts

Be it a wedding ring or a normal present for the loved one in your life; tungsten rings are the current trend that sets the styling apart. Further, the unique design options with these rings make it a great gift. No matter the type, size, or design you select, these rings are bound to compliment your man’s looks. 

All the best for your purchase!

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