Know Everything About Neck Support Collars

Know Everything About Neck Support Collars 1

Every one of us has seen a neck support collar. In real life, we have seen people wearing them after sustaining a neck injury or having neck surgery. Also, in all-time popular medical TV shows like E.R., Grey’s Anatomy, House, Scrubs, we all see patients wearing cervical collars at emergency rooms. 

But do you really know the reason for wearing a neck brace or cervical collar? When should you use a neck collar? Let’s find out!

What Is A Neck Support Collar?

A neck brace, cervical collar, or neck collar is a medical instrument that offers optimum support to the neck and spine while limiting head movement after an injury or surgery. 

Its main objective is to prevent sudden hazardous movements unless you’ve completely healed. 

Another importance of neck support collar is promoting good posture practices. Neck collars support your spine and neck muscles to help you maintain a good posture. Good posture doesn’t just enhance your body image but also helps to activate your muscles and prevent neck strain or injury. 

Buy neck braces from a reputed manufacturer for optimum quality. 

What Are The Types Of Neck Braces?

Neck braces can be categorized into various types: 

Soft Neck Collars

  • Soft neck support collar is generally designed with rubber, foam, and in certain cases, with an inflatable cuff.
  • These collars enable a certain range of forward and backward movement but restrict side-to-side movement.
  • A soft neck brace is mostly used for rehabilitation purposes to treat neck sprains, whiplash injury, chronic neck pain, etc. 

Rigid Neck Collar

  • Generally designed with a foam or vinyl core covered with plastic, rigid neck collars completely restrict your neck movements. Yes, these are the neck braces you see on medical dramas during an emergency situation on accident victims with a neck injury. 
  • Your doctor may recommend this collar when you need to keep your head straight without any movements. 
  • A rigid neck support collar is recommended by doctors after surgery or severe cervical trauma leading to fractures, where even minor movements can worsen your injury. Rigid or hard collars usually extend from the jaw to the collarbone.

Sports Collar

  • A specialized rigid neck brace, designed specifically for individuals engaging in high-speed racing or high-impact driving such as ATV riders, sport bikers, motocross riders, race car drivers, etc.   
  • The main aim of this neck support collar is to prevent fatal injuries during collisions, sudden stops, or accidents. 

Posture Support Neck Brace

  • A posture support neck brace is designed with nylon and hypoallergenic, breathable fabric for comfortable regular usage. 
  • These neck support collars generally have a discreet, sleek design that can be worn anywhere and matched with any outfit. 
  • A posture support neck collar will activate your neck muscle, reduce the chances of injury and promote a good posture. With regular usage, you can improve your posture. 
  • Get the correct size when you buy neck braces for optimum fit and best results. 

How Long Should You Wear Your Neck Support Collar? 

The duration of wearing your neck support collar may vary depending upon your requirement.

  • If you’re wearing a neck collar after a surgery, injury, or any other medical condition, you need to wear the collar as per your doctor’s advice. The duration of your neck brace also depends on the rehabilitation therapy you’re receiving to heal your neck or spinal injury.  
  • For a neck brace, you can wear it for a few hours a day while working on your laptop. You can continue wearing it for a few weeks for optimum good stance activation. Refrain from wearing your neck collar while driving, sleeping, or taking a shower. 
  • Sports neck braces are generally worn during high-impact driving. 

Benefits Of Wearing A Neck Support Collar

A neck brace for posture support has various health benefits: 

  • Reduces the chances of injury and neck strain
  • Promotes neck healthy neck movement and agility
  • Reduced neck pain and headaches after prolonged hours of working on a laptop. 
  • Enhances your self-confidence
  • Helps in better breathing

Always ensure to buy neck braces from a renowned, trustworthy manufacturer like Backpainhelp. Before purchasing, do your research, understand the product usage, read the reviews, know the return policy, guarantee and warranty specifications. 

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