How you can treat seasonal and stress hair fall with Kirkland Minoxidil?

How you can treat seasonal and stress hair fall with Kirkland Minoxidil

The hair loss affects both men and women, although on average it is a problem that affects mostly males, in recent years research has revealed how this issue is affecting increasingly also the female gender. Generally with hair loss we refer to a type of fall that takes the name of androgenetic alopecia, but there can also be other causes that lead to this phenomenon, thus configuring different types of hair loss.

Seasonal hair loss

Over the course of the year, and especially during the spring months (April-May) and autumn ( September to November ), an increase in hair loss and fall can be noted. Both men and women are affected indiscriminately.
In general, the human hair regrowth cycle lasts from two to six years, repeating itself up to about twenty times throughout life. This means that each hair goes through this cycle for about twenty times before dying from atrophy of the hair follicle. Spring and autumn significantly accelerate the life cycle, influencing its regeneration due to the change in temperatures.

Stress hair loss

Although there is no experimental evidence of a relationship between stress and hair loss, statistically many subjects show many times that a correlation exists. L ‘ psychogenic alopecia is a psychosomatic disorder caused dall’affaticamento and nervous tension. It differs from other types of alopecia such as trichotillomania alopecia which turns out to be a behavior disorder (therefore a problem that has psychological rather than psychosomatic causes).

Remedies for Hair fall

One of the most effective remedies to combat hair falling out due to stress is to promptly intervene on the causes and eliminate the sources of tension and fatigue. However, there is the possibility that a particularly anxious subject may have many difficulties in reaching a peaceful state of mind so extending the time for solving the problem is a good solution.

Using Kirkland Minoxidil for Treatment

There are other remedies against stress hair loss, for example to improve hair quality and strengthen the scalp, you can rely on hair loss treatments in order to limit the fall and stimulate the growth of new healthy hair. The famous Kirkland minoxidil is also considered best for both types of hair loss. You can use minoxidil until you achieve your desired results.

How to use Kirkland Minoxidil?

Following are the steps mentioned in detail that can help you treat your severe hair loss issue treated using just by using a single product:

Step no. 1: Dry scalp and hair

First, make sure that your hairs and scalp is dry. Also remember, you do not need to use shampoo before every application.

Step no. 2: Fill dropper

Next is to dill the dropper with minoxidil solution. However, you can also use Kirkland India that is in foam form and do not require any dropper.

Step no. 3: Apply

Apply the solution to the area where you observe hair loss.

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Step no. 4: Rub

After applying rub the solution into the skin.

Step no. 5: Keep hairs dry

Last, keep in mind to keep your hairs and scalp dry at least for four hours.

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