Risk Points in the Home for the Elderly

Risk points in the home for the elderly

There are many house-building รับสร้างบ้านราชบุรี that forget to take into account the elderly. Or forget that one day we will have to be elderly. In families with elderly people, they must be closely supervised. with physical health that deteriorates with age Makes you have to be careful of the little things around you.

It is well known that Families with the elderly must be closely supervised. with physical health that deteriorates with age This makes you have to be careful about the little things around you because accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. which those dangerous points are closer than we think because it is in our own home

Inside the house we built Or is the owner safe enough?

When it’s time to build a new house รับสร้างบ้านโคราช We may focus only on beauty and usable space. but forget to take into account the long term when older that The house we live in today allows us to live comfortably. And is it safe enough? The risk points in the home are in many areas. Even a small detail But it can be life threatening.

4 important points in the house. Risk of making “elders” fall, including bedrooms, bathrooms, corridors and stairs. Recommend bed height suitable for knee joints. not far from the bathroom Elderly people have difficulty urinating The further the distance, the greater the risk of falling. Repeat that the path must not be rough. Bathrooms have handrails in all areas of use. Set up a chair for a shower, non-slip floor, wide stairs to support the length of your feet. not too steep

Adjusting the home environment to suit the elderly care that the elderly are at high risk of falls. due to the deterioration of the body by the main points There are about 4 points in the home that are at high risk for the elderly to fall. Because in the morning the body’s blood pressure will drop. therefore there is a risk of falling 2. Walking area inside the house if there is roughness Or there are things in the way, such as wires, etc., can cause tripping and falling down. 3. Bathrooms that are normally slippery and 4. Stairs with a high risk of falling.

Therefore, it is very important to adjust the environment in these 4 points to suit the lifestyle of the elderly. The initial recommendation is In the bedroom The bed should be at a height where the elderly sit with their legs dangling, knees at a right angle of 90 degrees and feet on the floor. If the bed is too low, it’s difficult to get up. because it takes a lot of strength to get up will risk falling As the bed was too high, there was an opportunity to flow from the bed down. Choosing a bed is therefore not only based on the beauty of the bed. But must take into account the height that must be suitable for the elderly as well The height-adjustable bed is, admittedly, expensive. Also, the distance between the bathroom and the bed shouldn’t be too far apart. Because the elderly often cannot hold urine for a long time or incontinence. And at night there is often pain to urinate. If the bathroom is far from the bed, there is a high chance that the elderly will rush to walk. for fear of urinary incontinence There is a risk of tripping, so the bathroom and bed should be as close as possible to each other. And the corridor to the bathroom should not have any obstructions. because it may cause tripping

For the bathroom, it is recommended that The very first thing is The bathroom floor must be a non-slippery area when wet. The next thing is the handrail. There must be handrails around the areas used by the elderly, such as toilet bowls, wash basins, and shower areas, etc. In addition, the toilet bowl itself must not be too low, not too high, like a bed as well. That is, you have to sit and hang your legs. While the shower zone is important, chairs may be installed for the elderly to use. because when rubbing legs or feet When the legs are raised, there is a risk of falling. Therefore, there should be a chair to sit and take a shower to reduce the risk here. The washbasin must be of the right height. Do not bend too much which is at risk of falling but if it is an elderly person who requires a wheelchair or a wheelchair It is suggested that the bathroom must be wide enough for the elderly to be able to rotate the wheelchair. For example, at the wash basin It must have a width of about 1.50 meters in order to be wide enough to turn the wheelchair. And the washbasin must have a height that can be moved into a wheelchair as well.

As for the risk reduction around the stairs Have to adjust the stairs so that the floor is not slippery. And the stair floor must be wide enough to support the length of the elderly feet. In addition, the stairs must not be too steep. because it will make it difficult to walk and must have handrails as well. There are many other details, including tables, chairs, cabinets, doors and furniture. various appliances In many more homes that must be appropriate.

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