4 Ways to Increase Web Traffic

4 Ways to Increase Web Traffic

Boosting web traffic can sometimes seem like a dark art, but it doesn’t have to be as complex or arbitrary as it seems. Careful data analysis, a coherent and ongoing strategy, plus an awareness of how search engines work, will all increase your traffic over time. Here are a few tips to get started.

1 Implement effective SEO

SEO and effective SEO are two different things. There aren’t many web users who aren’t aware of search engine optimization or how it can make their website rank higher in search results. Unfortunately, most people completely misunderstand how SEO really works and implement strategies that actually cause harm. Keywords are vitally important, but keyword stuffing flags your website up as spam. Linking to high value websites is useful, but including too many links (or linking to spammy sites) causes more harm than good. Writing about popular topics boosts rankings, but recycling content ensures that you stay near the bottom end of search results. SEO is important, but a proper understanding of how it works is crucial.

2 Use social media

Social media is an area of near infinite potential for web developers. If you leverage your social media platforms properly you’ll be able to drive a steady stream of traffic to your website, much of which will translate into sales. Social media can be difficult to get right, but there are a few basic principles to bear in mind. All the big platforms are run by algorithms that control who sees your content. Behaving in a way that appeals to the algorithm will duly increase your audience. Post frequently (at least once a day) and use relevant hashtags to categorize your content. Always reply to messages (algorithms prioritize relationships between users) and post a variety of content including videos and live sessions.

3 Translate your website

Too many websites hide their content behind a language wall, effectively barring a vast portion of internet users from reading it. Translation software like Smartling enables you to reach a whole new audience. Software will not only translate your content but preserve its writing style and give you the option of localizing it still further. The advantages of this are obvious. Attracting traffic from a truly global audience lifts your website above much of the competition and makes it stand out. Quite simply, you’ll have a larger pool of potential traffic. Better still, you’ll be able to integrate multilingual SEO, helping you rank higher in search engines around the world.

4 Experiment with guest blogging

One of the best ways to get more traffic is to bring it in from somewhere else. Guest blogging allows you to do just that. Writing a guest post for another website connects you with a different audience. Reach out to fellow website owners offering your writing services. Write informatively on a topic related to both their and your niche and then include a call of action to visit your site at the end. Blog posts last forever and, if properly optimized, can generate long term traffic.

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