What is UpLoan?


What is UpLoan?

The company was founded in 2017. Thanks to a strong team of professionals, the company has managed to spread its influence throughout Southeast Asia. Over the past 12 months, UpLoan has increased its capital by 25% over the previous year. The company’s team is constantly investing in the development of a technological product to further expand the business.

Uploan is a fintech company that provides employers with a “payroll loan management platform”. The company works with major employers to offer loans as part of a financial recovery program. Employers, using the fintech platform, provide Uploan with information about the salaries of employees and connect the automatic payment for their employees who got salary loans. The employee has access to the Personal Account, where he can manage to track all transactions related to his loan.

The strong demand for Salary Advance / Salary loans in the Philippines is driven by low interest rates. Uploan loans are much more profitable than Payday Lenders’ loans. Therefore, employers are willing to cooperate with Uploan to provide their employees with the opportunity to take out inexpensive loans. Costly loans jeopardize the livelihoods of employees and impair their ability to work.

A user-friendly digital interface and transparent credit conditions are the main advantages of Uploan. Company’s mission is to provide access to economic opportunities for everyone.

Uploan uses people’s employment history and personnel data to compile credit ratings. The company provides fast, convenient and affordable service using modern technologies.

Uploan Credits

Any client can create a Personal Account on the company’s website. The client’s Personal Account will contain all the data on the loan and the history of transactions. The issuance of loans on the platform is accompanied by individual benefits.

Online lending is available 24/7. Clients do not need to travel anywhere and draw up a lot of documents.

Three easy steps to get a Salary Loan: ·

Fill out the form and submit to the company’s website.

  • Wait 30 minutes. During this time, the company will consider your application and make a decision.
  • Receive money on your bank card.
  • The credit amount is calculated individually for each client. The main criterion is the size of the monthly salary.

Is there an alternative to Uploan?

There are huge number of offers from different credit companies in the Philippines has a. How to understand these products? The UpFinance service will help you quickly get acquainted with all available loans and choose the most profitable one for yourself. The UpFinance website collects all relevant loan offers on its site. Here you can quickly sort loans by type or city. On the lenders’ pages, UpFinance publishes all the company’s services and credit conditions. Also, the UpFinance website has a loan calculator thanks to which you can calculate: the cost of a loan, a monthly payment and choose the most favorable loan term.

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