A Clipping Path Studio is a Production Workhorse

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Clipping path studios are providing an essential service to eCommerce industry. Not just the ecommerce sector, they are providing their valuable services to various other clients such as commercial photographers, marketing branding advertising agencies, publishing shops etc. While we take their jobs and valuable services for granted, we hardly know how they operate. Is it a one man show? How many people work in a clipping path studio? How they do their jobs on a daily basis? Let’s take a closer look at the service clipping path service provider companies offer.

How Clipping Path Service Providers Operate?

There are wide range of structures within the clipping path industry. Some service providers are individual freelancers. These freelancers work on small jobs form client to client. They typically look for jobs in the online marketplace or job boards. There are freelance job boards where these individual freelancers look for jobs. These are the same place where companies that have occasional jobs in the skilled work categories and where the companies don’t have their own inhouse staff to do it, they post their jobs here.

Sometimes when a small job like this is done, clients tend to hire the same freelancer for the future jobs or keep them on long term contract. In other cases, these freelancers keep looking for one job after another to keep them busy.

Other structure is the structured company setup. In a structured company setup, there is one or more owners or directors who own and operate the company. Depending on the company size, there are supervisors that manage a small team. There are quality control officers who check the edit quality and whether the job was done according to client instruction before the job gets delivered. Companies that have routine jobs are better off partnering with such structured clipping path studios to get predictable and dependable service.

How Much Files Are Processed on a Daily Basis?

Individual service providers or freelancers work on a small job basis. They often have multiple jobs in their pipeline so that they don’t face any downtime. They sometimes edit few files an hour and end up editing 10 to 20 plus files on a daily basis.

On the other hand, clipping path companies end up editing few hundred to few thousand files on a daily basis depending on the size of the company. In a company setup, photoshop editors are hired based on their expertise and then are trained. Some are trained to do clipping path editing, some are trained to do high end photo retouching, etc.

These companies often work with repeat clients. When orders of repeat client come, they are placed into the daily workflow. In some cases, dedicated team members are assigned to work on a certain client job. Getting the work done by dedicated staff or team ensures the edit quality and edit consistency. At the end of the day, clients are better served with quality edit and predictable outcome.

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