The 5 Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

The 5 Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

In today’s world, social and work-life revolves around staring at phone and computer screens for the better part of the day. That exposes your eyes to blue light that can cause several eye issues. Nonetheless, you can combat the effects of the light by wearing blue light glasses.

Here are some benefits of wearing the glasses.

Improves Sleep

Sunlight and blue light from your digital devices can be compared. Do you know why? The same way you feel alert when walking in the sunlight is the same way you will feel alert when you spend time in front of your phone, TV, or computer screen.

This is because the devices have short wavelengths that delay melatonin release, which is a sleep-inducing hormone that automatically starts activating several hours before bedtime. Now, exposing your eyes to blue light can delay the release of the hormone making it hard for you to fall asleep.

By wearing blue light glasses when you using your devices before bedtime you get to avoid that and enjoy better and improved sleep.

Reduces Eye Strain

Staring at a TV or computer screen for the better part of the day can increase your stress levels and lead to muscle and eyestrain. Of course, better posture and ergonomic furniture can take care of muscle strain, but what about eye strain?

You guessed it! Blue light glasses can help increase the contrast on digital devices thus making it easier for you to focus and ultimately experience reduced eyestrain.

Diminishes Headaches

Do you experience splitting headaches especially after spending hours on your computer? If your answer is in the affirmative, chances are that the headaches are caused by blue light exposure. However, that does not mean that you should stop working.

With a pair of blue light glasses, you can block out harmful wavelengths from your devices and experience fewer migraine attacks and headaches.

Reduces Eye Disease Risk

The lens and cornea of your eye do a good job at blocking harmful UV light from getting to your retina. That said; they cannot block blue light. That means that your retina is at risk of suffering conditions like macular degeneration. This can consequently lead to blindness.

Wearing blue light glasses can help you prevent that. See how useful they are?

Relieves Eye Discomfort

Whether you are watching TV, browsing your phone, or working in front of your computer screen, you will experience some discomfort in your eyes especially if you do it for long periods. If you want to eliminate that discomfort, a pair of blue light glasses will come in handy.

Bottom Line

Digital devices are here to stay, but the disadvantages that come with blue light exposure should not be a part of your life. While blue light glasses are not for improving eyesight naturally, they can offer relief from the side effects of blue light exposure.

If you are unable to limit the time you spend on such devices, investing in a pair of blue light glasses will be worth your while.

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