Do you have to hire an architect to build?

Do you have to hire an architect to build?

Are you in the midst of building your new home? In which case should you hire an architect? What are the advantages of using the services of this construction professional? We tell you everything! Are you about to build your house? An architect can then be a great ally! But what does an architect do on a construction site? What are these missions? Is it compulsory? And above all, in what way does calling on an architect for the construction of his house present real advantages?

What good is an architect on a house construction site?

The architect’s mission in the context of a house construction is, first of all, to set up all the technical side or custom home design (drawing of plans, compliance with town planning rules, verification of the constructability of the ground, definition of materials used, etc.). He can also be responsible for the application for the building permit if the customer requests it.

Once the project has been validated by the client, the architect directs the work in progress on the site. He ensures that each trade meets the specifications as well as the initial budget and regularly monitors the progress of the work.

The architect therefore has several hats requiring extensive and specialized skills. This is why the profession is selective. Moreover, before calling on an architect for the construction of his house, it is necessary to verify that this one is registered with the Order of the architects. Please note that the content of the architect’s contract must detail all the assignments entrusted to them.

Have you decided to build a house to make a dream come true and let all your desires speak for themselves? If the planned floor area is equal to or greater than 150 m², calling in an architect is mandatory. This building professional will allow you to have the guarantee that your construction project will not only be adapted to your needs, but also to your budget and to the location of your property. But even below this legal threshold, resorting to an architect makes it possible to consider the construction of a house more serenely. As a construction professional, the role of the architect is to:

For a house extension of more than 150 m² in all

If you want to enlarge your house by adding an extension and the total area of ​​your home exceeds 150 m², then calling on an architect becomes an obligation. In all cases, it is advisable to call on this professional even below this surface. The construction of a house extension is indeed a heavy and important project, requiring a lot of knowledge in the building field. The architect will be there to advise you on the location of the extension, depending on your land and the existing building. He will also give you valuable advice on the shape of the extension and the structure best suited to your property. This is the guarantee of work that is both efficient, economical,

The advantages of using the services of an architect

Calling on an architect is a guarantee of controlling your budget throughout the project. The architect is indeed able to define and adapt completely to your budget according to the surface and the materials chosen. It also works in conjunction with a network of competent and reliable professionals. He will therefore be able to choose for you the best artisans in your region. A true project manager, the architect is also there to monitor the progress of the work. He is able to direct and coordinate the various stakeholders on the site. Finally, the last advantage, the architect creates a unique house for you, in line with your needs and your tastes.

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