Benefits of Kamagra Oral Jelly

Benefits of Kamagra Oral Jelly

The drug, without marketing authorization in France and often used against impotence problems after taking drugs, worries the medical community. A kind of copy of Viagra, we do not know its exact composition or the number of users.

Arthur (1), a 40-year-old Parisian, is a big fellow in good health. His business is going well; he has the wind in his sails and busy weeks. Day and night. Creative in communication, he regularly uses cocaine. “When I go out”, he said. As soon as he comes out, actually. For several years, watered weekends have followed party evenings, which stretched out until the early hours of the morning. Two years ago, during one of those particularly powdery nights, as he was about to make love with his current girlfriend, Arthur found himself unable to undertake his dear and tender. The breakdown. The brain wanted but the body was no longer responding. The problem was mechanical. The bad experience happened every time he used cocaine. He quickly realized that the drug was causing him recurring, painful erection problems. Cocaine had become his best enemy. The one that made him last in the evening, and fail in bed.

Is Kamagra Safe?

Cocaine excites if it is consumed very episodically,” recalls Philippe Otmesguine, a sexologist, who also holds a sexology consultation at the immunology department of the Georges-Pompidou hospital in Paris. When consumed on a regular basis, it causes sexual problems. Among “slammers” (who inject products), or practitioners of “chemsex” (who combine sex and drugs), taking drugs, instead of increasing performance tenfold, creates problems, or even a cessation of their sexuality.”

Arthur spoke about his problem to friends and several of them  consumers of psychotropic drugs, saw fit to give him the solution to his problems: Kamagra. This drug is made, like Viagra, from sildenafil citrate. Originally developed by an Indian laboratory, it is sold secretly, not having received marketing authorization in France. Arthur’s comrades show him sex shops where he can get some. There, you can buy four pills for 30 euros, whereas two years ago the price for the same quantity was around 60 euros.

Kamagra Jelly is also sold on the Internet, where sites specializing in unauthorized drugs abound. It is consumed in two ways: in tablets or in gel to swallow, if you want to feel the effects faster. “Viagra is expensive and necessarily on prescription, or you have to call on a pharmacist who is not too careful. It complicates things, explains Arthur. I buy Kamagra in sex shops often late at night when I am with a girl and know I’m going to have a hard time being vigorous from the coke. I do not know exactly what is in Kamagra but it never really worried me. Usually I feel the effects after twenty minutes. At the first stimulation, I have an erection. In addition, there, I can outright break bricks. Therefore, when I take cocaine I know I can be safe if I’m ever with a girl. The erection can last ten hours. It even happened to me to feel effects the day after taking it. 

Like him, many men (difficult to quantify given the underground nature of the practice), rather young, not suffering from real impotence problems but seeking to improve their performance, consume this type of product, without really wondering about the risks they run.

On the illicit market for so-called “lifestyle” drugs, as those that do not treat pain but those considered minor problems in Anglo-Saxon countries are called, erectile products are among the most sold in the world. Each year, they represent between a quarter and a third of seizures worldwide. A few years ago, Viagra was even the counterfeit drug on the planet. Today, he is at the head of illicit sales alongside diet pills, anabolic to strengthen the muscles, psychotropic drugs and creams to whiten the skin.

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