When Would You Use A Knee Scooter? Is It Better Than Crutches, a Walker or a Cane?

When Would You Use A Knee Scooter

The popularity of knee scooters is growing. They are a great tool for improving mobility in adults after an injury, surgery or illness. Although there are many styles and colors to choose from, all knee scooters share the same structure: handlebars, wheels and a resting place for the injured leg.

These are some common questions regarding knee scooters. The expert amazon product review’s top rated buyer guides have detailed answers on this.

What type of medical conditions or diagnoses would justify the use of a Knee Scooter?

Think about how one leg would be positioned on a scooter. The affected leg would be placed on the seat of the scooter.

A knee scooter is a useful mobility aid for anyone with a lower leg injury (ankle or tibia), fibula, foot, or post-surgical condition. A knee scooter can be recommended by some doctors to help reduce the pain of walking if a lower leg injury has occurred before the scheduled surgery.

Why would I choose a knee scooter instead of other mobility equipment like walkers, canes or wheelchairs?

You can think of mobility equipment as a series of assist levels. There is a wheelchair (total assistance in walking), walker, knee scooter (some assistance), and cane (very limited assist). A person may choose a knee scooter to replace a walker, both for safety and practical reasons.

A patient may have difficulty carrying weight through their arms. In this case, a walker or crutch could help. A knee scooter allows a person to place their full weight through the femur, thigh bone, and knee of the affected foot. This prevents them from placing all their weight on the handlebar.

How do I use my knee scooter safely?

Safety when using a knee scooter means that you must consider the mechanics of your body, the knee scooter, and the environment. Talk to a doctor if you’re new to the use of a knee scooter and what your weight-bearing precautions are if any.

Avoid using the scooter on uneven (sketchy outdoor terrain), plush material (shaggy carpets or rugs) and unleveled floors (higher thresholds, curbs and steps). You should ensure that the scooter is set to your height and weight.

Some knee scooters have a weight limit of fewer than 250 lbs. You should ensure that the scooter you choose is suitable for your body.

What weight can I put on a knee-scooter?

A knee scooter allows you to transfer your entire body weight through the knee and femur of the affected limb.

A knee scooter is not appropriate for anyone to use.

A knee scooter isn’t for everyone. If you have hip, femur or knee injuries, please do not use a scooter. If you are unable to balance on one leg, particularly if it is not injured, don’t use a scooter.

For people with reduced cognition, such as those with dementia or traumatic brain injuries, knee scooters may be dangerous. The bench is heavy and requires full weight through the knees, shins, and top of your foot. If you have any decubitus ulcers or unhealing wounds or are at risk of skin breakdown in these areas, do not use a Knee Scooter.

To ensure that your blood circulation is not compromised by using a knee-scooter, consult your doctor. If the knee scooter causes severe pain, discomfort, or other problems, you should consider another mobility option.

Is it possible to travel with a knee scooter?

Yes, knee scooters can be used as a travel companion. Some models of knee scooters can be folded and stored in the trunk. The knee scooter can be ridden on most public transport in the United States.

You can also bring a knee scooter on planes. However, some potential problems may arise if the user does not call ahead to arrange for accommodations.

What insurance will cover a knee scooter?

The cost of a knee scooter is not covered by most US insurance, including Medicare. This is because it’s considered a luxury item and not a medically required item.

You will most likely have to pay the entire cost of the knee scooter even if your doctor has prescribed it.

Knee scooters are available in many different styles and can be rented in-store or online. To make sure you are comfortable with the purchase of a knee scooter, consult a doctor.

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