The Best Goalkeeper Clothing for Summer

Best Goalkeeper Clothing

Defending the net is a tough job for any goalkeeper. But when the summer heat strikes, inadequate clothing can slow you down.

Even the slightest discomfort caused by your goalkeeper clothing can impact your performance.

Fortunately, Just Keepers has everything a goalkeeper needs to train with comfort during the summer months. From breathable shorts to waterproof clothing that will protect you during the inevitable summer rain.

Goalkeeper Jerseys

We have to start with goalkeeper jerseys as that’s one-way keepers stand out from the rest of the team. Typically, the goalie wears a full sleeve jersey to protect their elbows and forearms.

The padding is there to help them confidently make diving saves when the stakes are high. However, when you have to train every day in the heat, a short sleeve jersey is a must.

Adidas is the go-to brand for many, and you might want to check out their Condivo 21 comfortable and sweat-wicking jersey. The Nike Park VII SS GK jersey is another fantastic option. It features a slim fit with a mesh back for extra breathability.

It’s also made with recycled materials, which means you’re choosing more sustainable goalkeeper clothing. If you’re in the mood for bright colours and pigment print, the Puma Cup Core short sleeve jersey fits the bill.

But for the cooler summer days or training late in the evenings, Just Keepers has a fantastic selection of long sleeve jerseys from all your favourite goalkeeper brands.

Goalkeeper Shorts

Goalkeeper clothing has one main task. It needs to provide comfort without any movement restriction. In the summertime, when staying cool and hydrated can be a challenge, loose clothing is essential.

It’s no different for goalies, and that’s why classic shorts with no padding are the right choice. Made from a soft material and with embroidery details, Uhlsport Center Basic II white shorts are what light summer training is all about.

For an equally comfy fit but a little bit more colour, Adidas Condivo 18 shorts are a fantastic option. These shorts have an elastic waist with a drawcord and are made from a super-lightweight woven fabric.

If you wear padded shorts even during summer, Storelli Exoshield shorts offer hard-core protection and have incredibly impact absorption properties. They’re also designed for easy movement and don’t feel cumbersome even when it’s too hot on the field.

Goalkeeper Socks

This is one item of goalkeeper clothing that isn’t exactly optional. Sure, you can protect the goal without any socks, but you’ll quickly find yourself in a lot of pain.

An excellent pair of socks will protect your feet and allow you to play longer. They’ll also protect your calves from cramping and facilitate better performance.

Nike, Adidas, and Puma lead the field when it comes to goalie socks. The Milano 16 socks by Adidas are available in various colours and have exceptional thermo-regulation. Nike Matchfit socks have a well-designed dynamic arch and extra lightweight cushioning.

If you appreciate the knitted texture, Puma Liga Core socks have a knitted front and cotton toe and heal. Overall, they deliver maximum comfort as well as stability.

Waterproof Clothing

A goalie needs to be ready for any challenge – including an unexpected summer shower. That is why a few items of strategically selected goalkeeper clothing goes a long way. The perfect example is the Uhlsport Goalkeeper Rain Vest which you can roll up and store in your goalkeeper bag.

It doesn’t take much storage space and will be a lifesaver when you need it. The lack of sleeves gives you more mobility and breathability, plus there are no pockets and zippers to annoy you.

Another waterproof item suitable for goalies is the Nike Dri-FIT Academy 3/4 Knit pants with exceptional sweat-wicking properties. The length is perfect for summer as well.

Finally, a high-quality waterproof hoodie is excellent for any season, and JAKO Hooded Training Jacket features micro-fleece inside and two roomy side pockets.

Keeping the Heat Away While Playing the Game

When it’s too hot outside, most of us choose not to move around too much. But when you’re passionate about goalkeeping, that’s not an option.

Instead, choosing well-selected goalkeeper clothing for the summer is the right move. You’ll get to move freely and look stylish along the way. Just Keepers has everything you need and a little bit extra. All items are available in many sizes and are easy to order.

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