Regain your Garage: Simple Tricks for Getting Organized

Regain your Garage: Simple Tricks for Getting Organized

Land releases in Clyde North[1]  offer more space and better living for homeowners, and with the wide tree-lined streets, local parks and numerous schools in the area, Clyde North is becoming a highly sought after suburb for many families.

Having a property with a garage can add great value to your home, and it is a feature that is essential for many families, providing much needed storage space. But while the added storage afforded by a garage is a precious space for many, it can quickly become a dumping ground for a manner of all things.

From garden tools to sporting equipment to boxes of old files and documents, the garage puts things out of sight and out of mind – sometimes at the expense of your car even fitting in.

Making the most of your garage by keeping it organised can allow you to better utilise the space and ensure it works as a space to safely park your car and store additional items.

Here are some simple things you can do to get your garage back and make the most of the space.

Start with a clear-out

A garage can start to accumulate junk very easily. It gets filled with seasonal things that will get used one day, or that you’re planning on getting rid of but then forget about and never do. This continues to build up over time if you’re not clearing it out regularly.

To organise the garage, you first need to clear out everything you no longer want or need.

Take everything out and give the space a thorough cleaning, as garages can get quite dusty and grimy. To keep your garage organised, you should do a clear out every 12 months to prevent clutter from building up again.

Sort everything into piles of what you want to keep, donate or sell, or throw away. Once you’ve determined what you want to keep, you can start organising.

Create zones

Once you’ve gotten rid of anything you no longer use, one of the best ways to organise the space is to sort what remains into groups and categories.

Organise everything into broad categories, such as sports equipment, gardening, tools, etc, just keep in mind that anything used together should be stored together. 

If you have a bunch of items for camping, or various pieces of sporting equipment scattered around the garage, put all these things together in a zone. This will make it much easier to find what you need when you need it, and also see if you have more of a particular category than you need.

Keeping everything in its zone will help make the space more functional and make it easier to keep the garage organised and tidy.

Lift things off the floor

The garage can easily get cluttered with various things laid out on the floor, so why not free up floor space by hanging some of your stuff on the walls or the ceiling?

Fit more into your garage by using wall space and hanging things up or storing on shelving units. The type of wall storage you choose will depend on your storage needs, budget and personal preferences. Look at various types of shelving or hooks to make the most of your wall space. Use a pegboard to hang power tools or gardening equipment, and storage hooks to keep your cables organised. If you have bikes, they can take up a lot of space, hang them up instead to keep them out of the way.

Use the ceiling to hang flat things that you don’t use every day, such as seasonal sports gear and ladders. Just make sure they are secured properly and leave enough clearance space from the roof of your car and the garage doors.

Hanging large items on the walls and ceiling can be a more efficient and practical use of space and keeping things off the floor will clear up so much extra room.

Add some storage

Storage is a must for any room of the house, including the garage.

Keep things visible and easy to access with open storage. This may also prevent you from just shoving stuff in the garage again.

Invest in heavy-duty shelving to hold your heavier items, and store heavier items at the bottom, with lighter and lesser-used objects higher up.

Keep small and loose items grouped in storage containers. Use clear containers or labels to make it easy to tell what’s in each container without having to open them up.

Try to be strategic with your organisation and consider how often you may need to access certain things. You may then want to ensure these are easier to get to, whereas for rarely used or seasonal items, you can put them in harder to reach areas.

Keep hazardous material out of easy reach of pets or children, but also try to keep them safely stored so they won’t get knocked over.

Buying a home with a garage can offer great additional storage, but keeping the area tidy and organised can be a challenge. When looking at houses for sale or land release in Clyde North, consider how you can use the garage space efficiently.

Maybe say new neighbourhoods rather than land releases?

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