Making Downsizing and Decluttering Work for You and Your Life

Making Downsizing and Decluttering Work for You and Your Life

As you go through life, you can find yourself keeping and even harboring more items than you need to. Keeping and harboring items can affect your mental health and well-being, and where possible you should try to reduce the number of things that you keep as regularly as possible. Reducing the amount of stuff that you have and sorting out what you want and do not want will ensure that your home is only filled with useful and necessary items, and the few odd keepsakes.

Why You Need to Declutter and Downsize What You Have at Home

Your stuff can take a hold of you if you are not careful, and this can end up affecting you in more ways than one. When you declutter and get rid of things you have been holding onto you get the chance, and the opportunity to focus on the future and move forwards positively.

There Is No Need to Let Go of Memories

You may think that you must let go of everything, but this is simply not true. You can repurpose and slim down most collections and physical items that invoke memories you have while still retaining sentimental value. For example, the collection of t-shirts you may have purchased over the last 20 years can be turned into a blanket from My T-shirt Blanket or wall-hanging for your home, or that collection of photos you have can actually be turned into photo albums and memory albums that get seen and that take pride of place in your living areas. When you declutter and downsize the objects and items within your home, you can breathe fresh life into them.

Recycle and Repurpose Where you Can

Sometimes you may want to get rid of things, but in the end cannot tear yourself away from them, if this is the case it would be ideal to recycle and repurpose what you have. For example, making a collage out of your old birthday cards, or repurposing those broken bits of jewelry you have, perhaps turning them into new pieces of jewelry or maybe even sun-catchers.

Keep Useful Items and Objects Where Possible

When you are downsizing your piles of stuff or decluttering room by room, you may come across objects or items that might not be useful now but may be useful in the future. Keeping these items separate, clearly labelled and easy to find will ensure that they can be used in the future. Throwing things in the trash when they may be needed at some point in the future is silly.

If It Is Broken, Then Try and Get Rid

If something cannot be reused, sold or recycled, then it must go to the trash. Keeping things that cannot be recycled or repurposed will ultimately end up taking up space within your home and eventually this will frustrate you and end up getting you down. So, if it’s broken and unfixable, get rid of it.

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