7 Reasons to Avoid Using Free and Nulled Themes & Plugins? Best Alternative

Best Alternative

Having the right themes and plugins can make all the difference in the quality of any website. When it comes to themes and plugins you have the option to go for either free nulled/cracked plugins or the premium ones.

Though nulled themes can work for small-scale and simple websites, they are not to be used if you are serious about your website and want it to be the best in terms of both security and performance.

What are nulled themes and plugins?

Nulled themes are cracked versions of the paid themes and plugins. Such themes are unlicensed and unethically distributed. These themes are created by exploiting the GPL of a code and tweaking to your needs illegally. These themes are generally hosted by third-party sites and not official ones.

Here are the main reasons you should avoid nulled themes at all costs.

1. Legal Complications

WordPress themes and plugins are not totally free. They require some payment if you want the rights to customise your themes and plugins. If you choose to go for the nulled versions, that means you are using these tools without the permission of the original authors.

This leads to many legal issues which can costs you a lot.

2. Security Risks

Using nulled themes puts you at the risk of third-parties getting access to your online information and sensitive data. Apart from this, cracked themed sites get targeted by hackers a lot. Thus, you run the risk of leaking out your data.

3. Poor SEO

The nulled themes affect your SEO rating badly by adding hidden spam links to these tools and redirect the users to some unrelated site. The search engine detects this illegal activity and causes your SEO rating to drop.

Thus, nulled themes make your site’s SEO performance poor and your site becomes of no use.

4. Cannot be Updated

Since the nulled themes are without any license key, they do not support any updates.  Most paid themes are updated often to increase their functionality and to make them more secure. Nulled themes don’t support updates and thus become outdated and less effective with time.

On a side note, if you want to learn about the theme that a website is using.

You can use the WP Theme checker of SEO Tools Centre or SEO Magnifier WordPress plugin detector for that.

5. Privacy Concerns

Nulled themes often contain harmful codes which are designed to steal your personal information and give it to third parties illegally. You are at risk of exposing your email address, password, business information like inventory and clients list, etc.

This way you suffer more loss than you save money through cracked WordPress themes and plugins.

6. Mediocre user Experience

The nulled themes have a very bad effect on the user experience. The developers of such tools add links of completely unrelated and sometimes unethical ads which make your site look bad.

You have no control over what ads are displayed and this often causes the website to slow down and create frustration for the users.

7. No Support and Documentation 

The paid themes and plugins that one buys allow you to contact the developers and clear any queries you have or for the general support in making the most out of your themes. 

Using nulled themes means you cannot get access to necessary documentation and tutorials to run the program better.

The Best Alternative to Nulled Themes:

Now you know, what makes nulled themes a bad idea and why they shouldn’t be an option. There are several GPL themes, however, that are cheaper and work best in making any website great in terms of functionality and user experience.

In the following section, we will discuss with you a great GPL themes/plugins source that you can use to download any theme and plugin you want.

Srmehranclub – Trusted Source for GPL Themes & Plugins

It is a great website for downloading Best GPL themes and plugins. It literally hosts thousands of themes/plugins to help make your website stand out.

The website was launched in 2016 and it became instantly famous for its theme’s quality and quantity and the best customer care service. Customer support is available 24/7 to listen to your queries and concerns. 

This theme and plugins provider hosts the latest licensed themes that you can easily get access to, with just a few clicks. This way you can get your websites up and running in no time with the help of this site.

Following is some of the main advantages of downloading themes and plugins from this platform

  • It gives you access to more than 15,500 themes and plugins
  • Offers themes for every major CMS
  • It allows you to download products at an affordable rate of about $29 for 420 products
  • The site is totally safe and secure
  • Customer support is literally the best
  • The site provides custom plugging as well
  • Very easy to navigate and use the website to download themes/plugin

Final Words

Nulled themes and plugins are never a good idea. They make your website hacking and malware sensitive. It gets outdated soon and gives poor user experience. So, always use the GPL licensed themes to avoid all these issues.

Srmehranclub is the highly recommended for WordPress GPL plugins and themes, they have huge collections of products and providing this service since 2016 WordPress premium themes free download with membership of srmehranclub , you must checkout.

We hope this article has helped you in some way and wish you the very best.

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